Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shopping at BeautyMNL! (Quick and Easy Online Shopping)

Nowadays, some people prefer online shopping than physical or traditional shopping. It is more convenient as you can just shop from the comfort of your home and wait for your purchases to be delivered at your doorstep. It saves time and effort. Yes, it's very helpful... but personally, I am not really fond of shopping online. Not that I hate it nor am I against it, it's just that it kills me to wait for days for my items to be delivered! Hahaha. I can't stand it, really. I get all too excited in choosing products and then I have to wait for days? Ah-ah. I am the type of person who wants to get something that I want (especially beauty products) as soon as possible (talk about being impatient).

Recently, I was handpicked by BeautyMNL to give their site a test run. is a go-to beauty destination created for the Filipina. They provide online magazine that features articles that are tailor-fit to the Filipina's lifestyle. You can also shop through their website. They offer A LOT of products from various beauty brands. The list is actually overwhelming because it is a long, long, list of brands of skin care, makeup, hair care, and the like. But what really fascinates me about BeautyMNL is how easy it is to shop at their website and how quick I received my purchases!

Last March 8, around past 5 in the morning, I decided to finally experience shopping at BeautyMNL. I was lying on my bed, already resting and about to get to sleep (I have inverted body clock, by the way). Since I was not that sleepy yet, I decided to just shop online using only my smart phone. It was amazing. Other websites are difficult to navigate when accessed through mobile. My shopping experience at BeautyMNL is different. Can you imagine, I was shopping while lying on my bed? How convenient!

I took screenshots of my shopping experience at BeautyMNL so you guys can have a preview of it.

On their homepage, you will see their featured products, promos, and the categories.

As you scroll down, you will see their top brands, fresh articles from their in-house magazine, Bloom, their best-sellers, and their new arrivals.

From there, you can already easily click on the items that you prefer, or look through the categories first and choose the products that you want to purchase. Everytime you add something to your cart, you will see the summary of your purchases and you can edit each item if you need to. You also have an option to continue shopping or if you want to checkout already. These are the items that I added to my cart.

On the checkout page, first, you will have to fill out your shipping information.

Next step is payment info. You will choose which mode of payment you prefer. What's also great about this is that they put a message explaining when you are going to receive your order so you will already have an idea.

After placing your order, you will see your cart summary including your shipping details so you can double check if every information is correct.

And then that's it! You proceed to the next page and voila! You've already confirmed and you will see the final summary of your purchase.

All you have to do now is relax and wait for your order. BUT, you won't have to wait for long. Like what I've said, what fascinates me about shopping at BeautyMNL is how easy it is and how quick I received my purchase. So, as what I have said, I shopped around 5:30AM of March 8, and when I woke up at around 4PM or 5PM, I was surprised to see my BeautyMNL parcel sitting on our dining table! It was surreal! It was not even the next day yet. :)

The parcel includes my printed delivery receipt with complete details on it.

And here are my purchases!!!

The powder is properly wrapped with bubble wrap.

I was so happy to receive them THAT FAST. I really wasn't expecting it. It was a great first shopping experience at BeautyMNL, I might get hooked (hahaha)! I absolutely highly recommend shopping at BeautyMNL. They offer so many items from so many brands, easy to navigate, may it be through desktop or through your mobile phone, and you won't have to wait so long for your items to be delivered.

Don't forget to check out their in-house magazine, Bloom, to read articles on new trends, what's hot, and reviews on various products. You may find reviews on some of the items that you want to purchase from their shop so at least you will have an idea first if it's a good buy or not. One of my favorite articles is the Top 5 Skin Care Trends for 2017. 

Kudos, BeautyMNL! Until my next purchase! :)


  1. This will just make me shop more hahahah! But for skin care and beauty products, I guess it's a must :)

    I've been scared to use those dry shampoo types ... thinking I'll just have dandruff. Do you experience that?

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