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Romantic Date Night Hair Tutorial

Whether it's with someone special or with someone you just met at work, in school, online, or from a dating app, preparing for a romantic date night can be nerve-wracking. You get all too excited and overwhelmed from your anticipation on how the night would turn out. If the date was planned a week earlier, you'll spend days finding the right outfit. If it's a spontaneous one, you'll quickly browse the internet and search for various romantic date makeup and hairstyles.

Based from my past relationships and from my guy friends' stories, most men prefer simple and natural looks. They did not ask you out to have a conversation about the makeup products you used, instead, they want to get to know the real you. So, for date nights, I suggest go light on the makeup but do not neglect your hairstyle. If you're afraid you might end up looking too plain and simple, go for a hairstyle that will surely amp up your whole look. I'm not really sure why, but all of the men I've dated always get smitten whenever I style my hair differently than the usual. I also read somewhere that having shiny and beautiful tresses attracts men.

One of the key ingredients in having smooth and shiny hair is oil treatment. My favorite to use are the ones from Vitress.

There are times when your hair just won't cooperate but don't fret because there's always a way to do your hair even during bad hair days. Since I dye my hair frequently, it's just normal that my hair would get dry and damaged. I just take good care of my locks by deep conditioning and using cuticle coats. The one that I always use is the Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat. It's the perfect hair product for me as it restores damaged hair. I kid you not when I say that it instantly fix the frizzy tips of my hair.

I already have naturally straight hair but if you have unruly and curly hair, you can try the Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat. Its Vita-Relax Technology can help you achieve that naturally straighter hair.

Now, let's get to the tutorial.

Step 1:
Use a round brush to blow-dry. This will add volume on your hair. BUT WAIT, to avoid damaging your hair by using hairstyling tools such as blow-dryers, curling and flat irons, it is a must to use heat protectants. So, before anything else, apply Vitress Heat Protect which will protect your hair from styling damage. Just a pea-size amount of the product is enough or it depends how long your hair is but please keep in mind that you don't need a lot of it.

Proceed to blow-drying your hair.

Step 2:
Now it's time to curl the hair. You can use a large-barrel or medium-barrel curling iron to curl your hair or even a flat iron. Curl your hair away from the face.

Step 3:
To tame the frizzy ends and for that smooth and shiny hair that most men love, apply the Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat, focusing more on the tips. What's great about this product is that it has a non-sticky formula. The serum dries as it is applied onto the hair so you have nothing to worry about having greasy hair. As long as you use just the right amount of the product, it won't ruin the curls that you made.

Before and after using Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat

Step 4:
You can finish this hairstyle with a sparkly headband. The sparkly accents will definitely complement your smooth and shiny hair.

And that's it! You can re-apply the Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat later in the evening if you need to tame your hair because you'll never know. He might take you to a yacht or in a fancy place and have dinner under the stars. A windy place might mess up your hairstyle, you know. ;) It's a good thing that it comes in a small bottle, you can put it in your purse or bag and bring it with you when you leave.

Actually, with continuous use of the cuticle coat, you will feel the difference that it will do to your hair even after just a week. I highly recommend that you try these Vitress products.

Now you're all set for your romantic date night! The butterflies you will feel in your stomach might came from mixed excitement, both good and bad. I'm telling you ladies, don't overdo it but it wouldn't hurt to put some effort in it. It will surely flatter your date knowing that you actually took an extra time looking nice for them. I know, I know. No matter how much other people say that you should just be yourself and it's all going to be fine, you can't avoid feeling nervous. One thing is for sure though, there is always a way to impress your date. Just act natural, think positively, and enjoy the night away!

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