Thursday, June 1, 2017

MAD Manila (The Newest Concept Store in The Metro)

Last March, I was invited by Ms. Aileen Lubrido and Ms. Julie Ong, the owner of Mad Manila Lifestyle Hub, to attend the grand launch of MAD Manila Concept Store. According to their Facebook page, this will be the new home of more than 80 online and offline brand partners from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, offering the latest trends at their best prices. Sadly, I was not able to attend because of my busy schedule that time but they are so nice, they told me that I can still visit their store anytime I am free.

A couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to visit them! They are located at #60 EK Bldg. Don Antonio, Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City. The day that I visited them was during their Mother's Day special sale. I came there with my sister and with a few of my fellow YouTube vloggers. Our visit at MAD Manila wouldn't be as much fun without these awesome people here!

L-R: Johnrey of Johnreyslife, Martha Jante, my sister, and Abby Inocencio 

MAD Manila Concept Store is located on EK Bldg.'s 2nd floor. The store is very spacious and I am absolutely in love with its industrial chic aesthetic.

The view from the Entrance/Exit

When you enter inside, you know that feeling like you're just at home? Very cozy! And the people there are really accommodating and warm, especially the owners, the Lubrido sisters.

We took a few photos when we got there and then they let us explore the store. Here are some of the featured brands that you can find inside MAD Manila Concept Store.

They offer almost everything! They have beauty products, skin care, makeup, bags, accessories, clothes, shoes, fragrances, etc. My sister and I ranged over the whole store and really enjoyed checking out various items and trying them on, especially their accessories. It's like shopping at your own home. 

Our visit there was abrupt and short because we had to go and meet our dear friend, Joyce for dinner. But before we left, they gave me gifts from some of their brand partners!!! I came there empty-handed and left with my hands full of goodies! :)

Thank you so much to these amazing brands! How generous and nice of you all.

Of course, we had to take more photos before leaving.

Thank you so much, MAD Manila (Lubrido sisters), for having me, for letting us explore the whole store, and for the awesome gifts! We will definitely be back! :)

By the way, they still have a few more spaces open so if ever you are interested to showcase your brand, you can contact MAD Manila.

Facebook page:
Instagram: (@madmnl)

Those spaces might belong to you! ;)

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  1. This store looks great, it have all the products one need to wear. Your experience look great and convincing to visit it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us