Friday, June 9, 2017

Glitter Tear Makeup Featuring FS Features and Shades Cosmetics

FS Features and Shades (formerly known as FS Cosmetics and Fanny Serrano Cosmetics) is one of my favorite local cosmetics. I consider it as one of the high-end brands of the local cosmetics here in the Philippines. One of their best-selling products is their very popular powder foundations and I actually collected all shades back in 2011 or 2012. I even did a review on it and you can read it here. However, when FS Features and Shades changed management and rebranded, they changed most of their products and added more to their line of cosmetics. They still have the powder foundations but they changed the packaging which, in all honesty, looks way professional and more sleek now.

Anyway, last month, FS Features and Shades invited me to join their FS Challenge Eyeshadow Art. So, yes, the focus of this makeup challenge is the eye makeup. The contest ran the whole May and they chose different winners weekly.

This is the look that I came up with.

They sent me some of their products, including their new eyeshadows. They already have eyeshadows before which came in palettes but like what I have said, they changed their products and the packaging. Now, they offer single eyeshadows in wide range of shades and I believe you can customize them, too, in a palette. They let me pick three shades from their website to use in my #EyeshadowArt #FSChallenge but when they sent me the items, they included one more shade and a few other eye makeup products that I can use for my eye makeup look!

List of products:
- FS Features and Shades Single Eyeshadow in Potter Clay | Php225
- FS Features and Shades Single Eyeshadow in Ruby Stone | Php225
- FS Features and Shades Single Eyeshadow in Mocha Java | Php225
- FS Features and Shades Single Eyeshadow in Misty Smoke | Php225
- FS Features and Shades Mascarade Mascara | Php500
- FS Features and Shades Kohl Eye Pencil in Caramel | Php225
- FS Features and Shades Gel Eyeliner in Black | Php425

I was really excited to use all of the items when I received them but it's a shame that I did not get to use all of them in the eye makeup look that I came up with because it is not really necessary. When FS Features and Shades invited me to do the challenge, I brainstormed with myself and I decided to do glitter tears which was something I had never tried before. So, yes, it was my first time and I think I did pretty well. Or did I? Hmm... what do you think?

If you are interested to see how I created this makeup look, check the out video that I uploaded in my YouTube channel. :)

I hope you liked it! Thanks to FS Features and Shades for letting me participate! I finally found the perfect timing to create glitter tears!


  1. Tear Make up??? Seriously?? Is this is a new trend ? I am not sure if this works for me and i would not advice it to anyone. If its for a specific purpose, i don't mind. but for general use I don't like it.

  2. Giiiiirl, you're slayin' it! This goes to show it's not always about high-end brands when you've got killer skills. I absolutely love this!

    - Pau