Sunday, February 25, 2018

REVIEW: Anne Clutz Ultimate Beginner Brush Set

I finally tried the much-awaited and the most talked about NEW makeup brush set by one of the biggest YouTube vloggers in the Philippines --- the one and only, AnneClutz!!!

Grabe! Even before Ate Anne launched her makeup brush sets, people are already going gaga and are all excited to try her brushes. When she finally released her babies, in just a matter of days, they were all SOLD OUT! That's how eager the people are to get the brushes and to show their support to Ate Anne. And I couldn't be happier for her since I know this came from her hard work and she really carefully planned and hand-picked everything. Kudos talaga sa'yo, Ate Anne!

Also, I want to thank her for giving me the chance to try her makeup brushes. She sent me a full set so I can test it out but I can assure you that the following things you are going to read about these brushes are based completely on my own honest opinions and experience. :)

Product Name: Ultimate Beginner Brush Set by Anne Clutz
Price: Php500
Available at: Shopee

The Ultimate Beginner Brush Set by Anne Clutz comes with 10 various makeup brushes which are meant for beginners, hence, the brush set name. It also comes with a pouch which is what I was holding in the photo above. Printed on the pouch is "Blend Now, AWRA Later!" which, I think, is catchy and cool since the phrase is very timely now here in the Philippines. At first, I thought the pouch is too narrow but it can absolutely hold all 10 brushes inside with a little allowance or space so that the brushes won't be too shoved or stuffed inside.

I personally love the aesthetic of this brush set. It doesn't look cheap even though it is affordable. The brushes all have white wooden handles and rose gold metal ferrules. The bristles are made of oh-so-soft synthetic hair. They are all so soft and fluffy

Make sure that you wash the brushes first before using them, even though they are brand new, so you will get rid of the factory debris and all that nasty stuff and get the perfect quality of the brushes.

This is the makeup look that I created using the Ultimate Beginner Brush Set.


1. Powder Brush
- This is one of my favorites among the whole set. I love that it is large and that the bristles are tapered because you can reach the sides and crevices better. I actually use this in applying bronzer as well.

2. Slanted Contouring Brush
- Since the brush is quite large, I thought it is going to be a little difficult to use for contouring because it may go beyond the areas where we usually contour. But I was surprised because it worked really well. The bristles are not too crammed so when you squish it, it's actually quite thin which gives precise application especially when you are mapping first the sides of the face where we usually apply the contouring powder. And since it is a little loose, it works greatly in blending out or softening the edges of the contour.

3. Flat Angled Kabuki Brush
- This one is for applying your foundation. This type of brush can also be called as buffing brush because we use it to apply and buff our foundation. The bristles of this brush are super soft as well and they are not tightly packed so you won't have a hard time in buffing and blending your foundation. It may leave some streak marks but it actually depends on how you use it. What I do is I apply first and buff the foundation all over my face then when I see streak marks, I gently tap or pat the lines to get rid of them.

4. Blush Brush
- Among the brushes in the set, this one is what I was most curious about. It is the first time that I've seen a blush brush as large and as rounded as this one. I thought it is not going to work at first but turns out that I judged it too quickly because it freaking works amazingly! I really love how fluffy and large the bristles are of Ate Anne's face brushes and how, even though they are large, they are not too packed or tightly stuffed so they are all perfect in blending the makeup. This blush brush, which I thought is quite large for a blush brush, actually is very convenient to use because you get the job done more faster. But again, that's just based on my own thoughts and experience.

5. Highlight Brush
- Also known as a fan brush. I rarely use brushes like this in applying highlighter because I usually highlight almost like my queen, Nikkietutorials! I like blinding people with my highlighter. However, with this kind of brush, you only get minimal effect because it only picks up tiny amount of the powder highlighter. So the effect is subtle. BUT, this makeup brush set by Anne Clutz is meant to be used by beginners so I think this is a perfect highlight brush for them. It just gives you that healthy glow on your face.

6. Concealer Brush
- Looks like a standard, regular concealer brush. Since it is flat, it is quite difficult to use in blending the concealer but it is great to use in applying them. It can also be used in spot-concealing.

7. Eyeshadow Shader Brush
- Eyeshadow shader brush is made for packing on eyeshadow or pigments onto the lids. It gives you more coverage than blending brushes because the bristles of a shader brush are usually densely-packed but soft. The eyeshadow shader brush from Anne Clutz's brush set is a little stiff and a bit thinner compared to regular shader brushes that's why it doesn't give enough color payoff when you apply the eyeshadow. It actually looks like a small concealer brush. Don't fret though because you can still use this for other purposes such as applying your eyeshadow primers or cream eyeshadows.

8. Big Blending Brush
- Blending brush is very essential in doing your eye makeup that's why I was so thrilled when I saw that this set includes one! I also love bigger blending brush because it makes blending easier and faster that's why I love this big blending brush from Ate Anne's set. However, the downside of this blending brush is that you may have a hard time in blending small areas since it is quite huge, especially when you have small lid space. But personally, I love it because it is fluffy enough to blend out and soften the edges of the eye makeup.

9. Small Eyeshadow Blender
- Now, this small eyeshadow blender would've been perfect for blending smaller areas BUT the bristles are densely-packed, almost like a pencil brush. So, I just use it to concentrate pigments on the outer corners of the eyes or when I want to intensify the shade on my crease.

10. Small Angled Brush
- When I watched Ate Anne's video regarding her makeup brush set, I found out that this angled brush is meant to use for the eyebrows. I love my eyebrow brush thin and small so I can do precise lines. This brush is another one of Ate Anne's brushes which I judged too quickly. I only use angled brushes like this on the brows for applying eyebrow powders. I thought that it is a little big for an eyebrow brush and a little thick but I stand corrected. This small angled brush helped in achieving precise edges and hair-like strands. I just hope that this brush can be a dual-ended brush where the other end is a spoolie. Most eyebrow brushes are dual-ended (angled brush on one end and spoolie on the other) which are very convenient when doing the brows because you already have the applicator and the blender. Other than that, I don't have any problems with this brush

Watch my full review and demo video here!

The Ultimate Beginner Brush Set by Anne Clutz is absolutely perfect for beginners and even for advanced use. Once you get to explore the brushes, you will find more uses for each one of them. All of the brushes, especially the face brushes, are very soft. You won't feel any harsh bristles poking or scratching your skin. Most of them works perfectly for what they are really meant for. And, come on! For Php500? This set is already a steal! It is absolutely affordable and even though there are a couple of misses, this set is definitely worth your money.

If you haven't tried these brushes yet, just visit Ate Anne's Shopee account. Unfortunately, they are currently sold out but don't be sad because they will be back in stock this coming March so yay for that!

Ultimate Beginner Brush Set by Anne Clutz
Instagram: @anneclutzbrushes


  1. I was one of the lucky ones who were able to secure a slot upon release! P500 jusko super mura kaya wala nang pagdadalawang-isip! Super ganda na ngayon palagi ko siyang ginagamit. (Sorry sa ibang brushes ko!) I love the powder brush the most! I agree with you on the shader brushes. Great review!

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