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I admit that sometimes, I buy products because of their packaging. If that's a Cookie Monster edition product, say no more, I would totally buy it! If that product has a Bad Badtz-Maru print on it, I'd take it. If it's a Pucca product, you can just take my money (I'm guessing you already know who are some of my favorite cartoon characters)!

When I saw the Hocos-Pucca Chuchu Sunpact available at Charis, I did not think twice and immediately ordered it. I just can't resist Pucca!!! From the name itself, this sunpact is a sunblock in a compact. I know you know you can only find products like this from the K-beauty market. I first saw a sunpact in my trip to South Korea last year hosted by Charis. They gave us the andLAB Xylitol Mild Sun Cushion and the first thing that popped in my mind was "I would never thought of putting a sunscreen in a compact." At first, I thought it's just "Okay, another innovation" but this Summer when we had our family outings and I brought various sunscreens with me including the Pucca Sunpact, I actually realized that "Alright, this is pretty awesome".

Product Name: Hocos Pucca ChuChu Sunpact
Available at: Charis Shop

The Hocos Pucca Chuchu Sunpact is very convenient to use. Since it is created as a face sunscreen, I thought it is great that they put it in a compact. You can just slip it in your makeup kit or your purse and reapply as needed. It has SPF43 PA+++ so you know you're really protected from the harsh UV rays. I just don't get it why it's 43 and not 40 or 45. I don't know, I'm just a little OC when it comes to numbers or maybe I'm just used to seeing 10s and 5s in SPFs. Haha!

Since Pucca's signature color is red and black, this one is a score for me! Those are two of my favorite colors! The bottom part of the compact is black and the cover is red. Printed on top of it is Pucca! So cute!!!

It has a pretty decent size of mirror, too which comes with a protective film. It is clear and does not distort unlike other cheap-looking mirrors which usually just give me a little headache. I guess you know what I'm talking about. There is also a sticker inside, covering the holes where the product dispenses. And of course, it comes with its very own puff.

Before I share with you my final thoughts on the Hocos Pucca Chuchu Sunpact, let me share with you some infographics which I got from the Charis site.

First of all, yes, during the first use, it is quite difficult to dispense the product. You have to push the button a couple of times. At first, it will only release a little amount and it may even squirt, just a heads up! But after a few use, it shouldn't be hard to dispense the product anymore. I use about 3-4 presses for my whole face. It doesn't release that much in one press which I think is okay because at least, you can avoid getting too much and avoid wasting the product.

If you're like me who rarely use their hands and fingers in applying products on the face (just because I don't want my hands to get sticky), using a puff is a big help.

I don't know what it is with this product but I think it gives me that healthy and fresh look. Other sunscreens either have white cast or just simply feel and look like a moisturizer. The Hocos Pucca Sunpact doesn't have a tint but I just love how it has that fresh-looking effect. Since it's very hot here in our country right now, I rarely go out with a lot of makeup anymore. I ditch the foundations, BB creams, and other base products. I use concealer sometimes but most of the time, I avoid using it as well despite of my dark circles and dark spots. I don't even use powder that much because I just can't stand the weather right now and anything heavy on the face will just make me feel uncomfortable and irritable. I just apply my skin care plus my sunscreen, do my brows, cheek and lip stain, and that's it! So, this sunpact is now a staple in my makeup kit. I can't stress enough how much I love the fresh and dewy finish that it gives me.

With only the Hocos Pucca ChuChu Sunpact on my face

After doing my brows and applying lip and cheek tint

It feels very light on the face, it's non-greasy, and it doesn't feel sticky. The Hocos Pucca Sunpact is made of natural ingredients and it is hypo-allergenic. I actually read in this one article that you can use this for kids as young as 1 year old.

Need I say more? I absolutely love the Hocos Pucca Chuchu Sunpact! From the packaging to its overall quality. 

This originally costs $25 (about Php1,273) but we have a special promo in my Charis shop! You may now purchase it for only $17 (about Php866)! The promo will only last for 7 days so take advantage of it now! :)

Let me know if you tried it! :)

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