Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOTD: Sofitel

Yesterday we went to Manila to meet my Mom's friend at Sofitel. I want to share to you an FOTD from yesterdat. It was a rainy day so I decided to wear neutral tones for my eye makeup and then swiped on a lipstick with a reddish tone on my lips. :)

(That's my Mom at the back, haha)

Products used:

Maybelline BB Cream in natural 02
Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on
Maybelline clear smooth pressed powder in Honey
Pink blush from Dollface Vanity Palette

Browns from Dollface Vanity Palette
Fanny Serrano gel liner in dark brown
Maybelline Extreme Stiletto Mascara
Ever Bilena Ever Original in brown (for brows)

Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Siennas

That's it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Konadlicious Sigma Brushes giveaway! Yay!

Modern Pinup, Konadlicious is giving away Sigma 99$ make me up brush kit giveaway! You get to choose the color if you win! How cool is that? :)

Interested? Join here! :)
(How can you not be interested? It's SIGMA and it's FREE!!!)

Stay awesome my dear dudettes!


Another giveaway from a blogger that I've recently followed --- Funny Face Beauty! May I just say that she and as well as her blog is freakin' awesome! She is very artistic and I love her for that because I am an art lover since I was a small kiddo. It's just super awesome that she's having a giveaway as a celebration of a year of blogging. :)


Want to join? Click here.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello everyone! I’m back with my new makeup look! This time I’ve decided to take it to the streets! :D So, I came up with a makeup look inspired by graffiti beautifully and artistically painted and sprayed on the wall.

Here it is:

So, what do you think guys? :)



- Soleil matte foundation by San san cosmetics

- ELF tone correcting concealer

- Maybelline Mineral Power powder foundation

- Dollface Vanity palette! (I super love this, I can do any look I want using this palette alone!)

- Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner

- Ever Bilena color pencil in black

- Drugstore mascara


- Shawil lip liner (hot pink)

- Artmatic lipstick in Pepper Pot

*All the photos that I posted here in my blog are photos of my first time trials of every makeup look that I’ve created. No practice. (I don’t want to waste a lot of my makeup products. Hahaha!)


That’s it! More photos on my FB

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Skin Care Routine

Hey my dear dudettes! I just want to share my skin care routine and my top 10 favorite beauty skin products. Thanks to Ms. Janina of Nin Monster in Manila for tagging me! It is actually an award, the top 10 award to be exact. :)

So, let me start by showing you my top 10 products:

1. KOJIE SAN KOJIC ACID SKIN LIGHTENING SOAP - This is by far my favorite beauty soap. I used to ignore this product because before, my sister said there is a peeling effect from this soap. I thought it’s going to look bad on me but then I decided to try it because my cousins are using it and their skins really lightened. After some times of using this soap, voila! I can already see some results and I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments about my skin since I started using this. The box from this picture costs 102 PhP for TWO soaps. This one is the large size and they also have it in small ones for only 50 PhP, also for two soaps! It’s cheap and it’s awesome!

2. POND’S WHITE BEAUTY PORE CONDITIONING TONER - This one does wonders for my skin, too. It really tones my skin and even helped lighten my blemishes and my skin. Back in 2008, I got sunburned from playing volleyball and boy did my skin really darken! With the help of this toner, my skin got back to it’s normal tone. :) Unfortunately, I ran out of it that’s why it’s not included in the photo above.

3. GARNIER LIGHT WHITEN AND PROTECT MOISTURIZING CREAM - I love this product and I think a lot of you love this, too! This is actually my everyday moisturizer now. I started using this the same time I started using the kojie san soap. They are the perfect combination for my skin!

4. GARNIER LIGHT COMPLETE MULTI-ACTION WHITENING CREAM - I tried this product because I wanted to see what is its difference from the Garnier Light. It as a matte finish and it has an oil trapping formula. I love this product because I can use it as a base for my face powder. Sometimes I use it as my foundation because it has a very creamy yet matte texture to it. I just apply this on my face then set it with my powder. And yes, it lightens my skin as well. :)

5. GARNIER LIGHT MILKY LIGHTENING DEW - This is one of my favorites because it is very light and really smoothes my skin. This is the lightest toner that I know. It is also like a moisturizer already because of its finish.

6. GARNIER LIGHT BRIGHTENING EYE ROLL-ON - I’ve just started using this product and I love it already. I think a lot of you loves this product too so I need not say more about this one! ;)

7. CELETEQUE FACIAL MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 15 - I actually bought this product because I saw it at Watson’s with a buy 1 take 1 deal for 150 PhP. When I tried it, I fell in love with it because it really moisturizes my skin and it oxidizes on my skin. When I’m not using garnier, I am using this. I’ll definitely buy this even if it’s not buy 1 take 1. :D

8. APOLLO PETROLEUM JELLY - This product is a must in my beauty box/ beauty storage because it is very versatile. You can use this to almost anything regarding your skin. I use this as a moisturizer for my lips, I rub this on my feet and put socks on to soften the skin, I use it to remove waterproof eye makeups and etc. Haha! This is really helpful for me.

9. MYRA E LIP BALM VITAMOISTURE - I found out about this product through Ms. Maricarl Janah’s video. I tried it and fell in love with it (period)

10. MYRA E FACIAL MOISTURIZER - I’m the kind of person who doesn’t stick to just one moisturizer or other skin products. I like trying different products to see what’s really best for my skin. Myra E facial moisturizer is one of the facial moisturizers that I’ve tried and it’s included in my list because I just love it. I just do! :)


- Wash face using Kojie San kojic acid.

- Tone with Garnier Light milky lightening dew or Pond’s pore conditioning toner.

- Apply moisturizer (Garnier Light Complete by day and Garnier Light/Celeteque facial moisturizer by night)

- Apply Garnier light brightening eye roll-on

- Moisturize lips by applying myra e lip balm by day and petroleum jelly by night

That’s it for my top 10 beauty products and for my skin care routine! :)

Thanks to Nin again for the award!

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.

2. List your favorite skin care/beauty products.

3. Tag 10 other bloggers. :)

So, ladies;

Whimsical whatnots and whatever

I'm tagging you! :)

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


Cleaning out my Brushes!

We all know that cleaning our brushes every after use is a must but because of the laziness taking over my weak body, I wash my brushes every other 2 to 3 days! I know, eeky but, yeah that's how I do it. Haha! :D I've just finished cleaning my makeup brushes tonight. As you can see in the photos below, I have two methods of drying the brushes.

1. Taping the brushes upside down on a wall or any flat surfaces or edges. I learned this from a YouTube video. This way, the water will run down the top of the brush hairs avoiding the glue to loosen up.

2. Rolling the other side of a towel. This method is also great to dry your makeup brushes because it elevates the brushes allowing the water to run down the top of the brushes. Plus, the towel also absorbs the water excess from the new cleaned brushes.

So, how do I clean my brushes? I use the JOY Antibacterial Dishwashing liquid with Vitamin E. You know the one that is also a hand care? :) Yeah, I use that to clean my brushes because it has Vitamin E and it's antibacterial, too so it will basically kill the bacteria and the germs from my used makeup brushes. What I do is I mix the Joy with water because it's actually concentrated and then I put it into a bowl then soak my brushes. After that I brush the makeup brushes back and forth on the palm of my hand then rinse it thoroughly and then DRY them, of course! :)

So, that's it! I know we all have different ways of cleaning our makeup brushes but I just want to share mine.

Thank y'all for reading!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

SHEWOLF MAKEUP inspired by Shakira

I was thinking of doing a shewolf makeup so I browsed the net to look for inspirations and ideas then when I googled shewolf makeup, almost all the results are images of Shakira in her Shewolf cover and video. I find the look ravishing and breath taking so I decided to copy the look. :)

Here’s the photo:


What do you think girls? :)

Here is the original look. It’s cartoonized, actually.


Here is another photo that I took with edited fangs and eyes :)

shewolf makeup



- Shawill BB Cream in 01

- ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder

- ELF tone correcting concealer

- Dollface Cosmetics Vanity Palette

- Drugstore palette

- Fanny Serrano cream liner in dark brown


- Ever Bilena brow pencil

- Dollface Cosmetics Vanity Palette

- Quanyu eyeshadow palette in 02

- Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner in black

- Ever Bilena color pencil in black

- drugstore mascara


- Ever Bilena color pencil in black as lip liner

- Wet n’ Wild lipstick in (forgot the shade T.T)

- Fashion 21 Color Shine liquid lipstick in 03

I’m thinking of doing a modern goth look… hmm… :)


Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)