Thursday, October 27, 2011

BLAIR WALDORF inspired makeup look (Fall Makeup)

Hi everyone! I'm going to share with you my Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl inspired makeup look. It's a very simple look that's great for the Fall season because of the Earth-toned colors. I did a video tutorial for this makeup look. I was actually about to attend worship service with my Dad and my boyfriend when I filmed this. I decided to wear this makeup look for church because it is very simple and very easy to do.

Watch the tutorial HERE.

I look nothing like Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), not even close. So, please keep in mind that this is just an inspired makeup look. I didn't copy the makeup exactly because I don't even know the exact products she's wearing in the photo. :-)

The products that I used in doing this makeup were already shown in the video but I will still list it here, just because. ;-p


Maybelline BB Cream in Natural 02
L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal HD.Concealer in Creamy Beige
Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Organza
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange
Careline Oil-Control Single Blush in Peach Glow

Ever Bilena Precision Blender in Brown
Fashion 21 Color Set (Nude, Rust, Dark Brown, Black)
In2It Waterproof Gel Liner
E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Maybelline theHyperCurl Volum' Express mascara

NYX Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Daiquiri
Revlon Mineral Glaze in Everlasting Blush

That's it! I hope you liked it!
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Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :-)


  1. love it!! simple pretty wearable shade! love ur look sweetttyyy!

  2. Thank you dear ladies! :) You make me happy! :D Hahaha!

  3. Love this look! you really got the jist of the Blair makeup