Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haul yeah baby! VIII (BIRTHDAY HAUL!)


I just celebrated my birthday last week, October 12 to be exact. One of the things listed in my wish list for my birthday was a shopping money... and it's awesome that my parents granted that wish! Hahaha!

I just want to share the stuff that I bought. I actually bought some of these the day after my birthday at Landmark, TriNoma. 

1. NYX GLITTERATI GLITTER BIG CREAM PALETTE and SLIM LIP PENCIL in ESPRESSO - I ordered this weeks ago and it arrived on the day of my birthday. :)


2. MOMENTS COLLECTION by GRACE COLE - My older sister surprised me with a gift! I celebrated my birthday in Manila and she wasn't there. When I came back in Tagaytay two days after, I found this in my bedroom. :)

It comes in a very chic small pouch. :)

The collection includes 1 body wash, 1 body mist, and 1 body lotion. :)

3. THE BODY SHOP BORN LIPPY RASPBERRY LIP BALM  - This was my favorite when I was in high school! I love this. My friends and I had this. The main reason why I like this is because of the smell. It's very sweet and fruity. It's nice that The Body Shop still have this. :)

The Body Shop outlets

4. FANNY SERRANO TWO WAY CAKE in ORLEANS - This is my fourth purchase of Fanny Serrano's two way cake powder. I got the shades Orleans. I know it's way darker than my original skin color but I plan to use this on my clients. :) The original price of this powder is P399 and I got this for only P375 from Landmark. It was on sale! :)

Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons

5. FANNY SERRANO LONG-LAST WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINER - I didn't know FS have a felt tip eyeliner. I swatched it on the back of my hand when I was at FS's counter and I thought it's pretty pigmented so I went ahead and bought one to try it out. This is originally priced as P195 but because it was on sale, I got it for only P175. I used this already and I'm loving it so far!

Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons

6. E.L.F. STUDIO BLUSH in PEACHY KEEN and FUSHIA FUSION - I've been meaning to try this blushes and I finally did. I bought two shades. I have some things to say about this so wait for the review. :)

Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons

7. MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BABY LIPS LIP BALM in RELIEVING MENTHOL - I still have the Maybelline lip smooth color balm, the Myra-E lip balm, and I just bought The Body Shop's born lippy but I can't help it... The packaging is just too cute!!! Yep, that's the reason why I bought this. The packaging and the name, BABY LIPS. I got the mint flavor, of course and I loveeeett. I'm still planning to buy the other flavors (Energizing Orange, Smoothing Cherry, Anti-Oxidant Berry)! :) Baby Lips lip balm is Maybelline's newest product. Try it out, hunnies! It's only P75.

Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons

8. LANDMARK MAKEUP BRUSHES - These babies were the first ones that I saw when I arrived at Landmark's beauty section! I checked them out and fell in love! They're just so soft and smooth and they're AFFORDABLE! I will do a review about these brushes SOON.

(Kabuki brush, Large Powder brush, Medium Eyeshadow brush, Small eyeshadow brush, Short shader brush, Two Angled brush, Foundation brush, Pencil brush)

9. L'OREAL PARIS GENTLE LIP AND EYE MAKEUP REMOVER - The reason why I bought this is because I'm doing a little experiment on which makeup remover's the best. It's a bit pricey for me though but it's worth it. It does the job well and it doesn't sting my eyes. ;)

Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons

10. MONEA C.P.R. HAIR REVITALIZING SPRAY - I found out about this product from Say Tioco Artillero. I want to try it out to see how good it really is.

Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons


Landmark, SM Department Stores (Beauty Section), Watsons

That's all of it! :)
Thanks to the awesome people who greeted me on my birthday! ^___^

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. belated happy birthday! wow, nice haul....may i suggest to you maybelline lip and eye makeup remover is also great! and more affordable than loreal :)

  2. Thank you, Issa! Yes, that's my next target, Maybelline's makeup remover. Thanks for your suggestion! :)

  3. Belated happy birthday! Nice haul :)

    Looking forward to your reviews of the blushes :D

  4. fabulous massive haul you got there -- happy birthday indeed! (^_^) hope you had a great one!

    saw those landmark makeup brushes on another blog - are those from Makati or Trinoma? looking forward to the reviews!

  5. belated happy birthday :) i heard so much about landmark brushes hmmm

  6. Thank you Aya! :)

    MereMakeupManiac: They're from TriNoma. :) Thank you so much!

    aMz88: Thank you dear! :)

  7. glad that you had a makeup-filled birthday! will be looking forward to your reviews kapatid! mwah mwah

  8. love your picks! I wish there was landmark brushes here... I'd really love to purchase their brushes.