Monday, January 16, 2012


Last year, Ms. Feonna sent me a message asking me about my makeup packages. We had a deal that I would do her makeup for their prenuptial shoot and of course, on their wedding day. Their e-session happened last Thursday, January 12, at La Mesa Ecopark. I asked my boyfriend to take a few shots while I'm doing Ms. Feonna's makeup.

Here are some of the photos my boyfriend had taken:

I dolled her up at the Ecocenter because it's the only place where we can do it comfortably.

I asked her to lean on the column so that her back and hips won't get tired because she's already 4 months pregnant! Yay! ^_^

Here is the style that I did to her hair. Since the venue was at Ecopark, I decided to do a flower inspired hairstyle. :)

Here is a side-by-side photo of Ms. Feonna's before and after:

I did a brown smokey eyes on her and just applied a light pink color on her lips.

It just sucked because I forgot to take a picture of her and her husband-to-be, Allan. I also did not have the chance to take a few shots of their actual prenup shoot because Lincon and I had to leave immediately or else we're going to run out of time to prepare for our worship service that night. Anyway, I'll just wait for their official photos and then I'll update this post. Their wedding will be held on the 27th of February and I cannot wait for that day to come! Of course, I'm going to blog about that special day, too!

Okay, so later that night, before we went back home to Tagaytay, Lincon and I stopped by at SM Molino just to check out the place because we heard that it's one of the smalles SM Malls ever! And indeed it is! They didn't even have a department store, they just have a few boutiques, stores, restaurants, and fast foods! But they do have Watsons so that's pretty good. I actually bought the E.L.F. eye blending brush. I'm kinda disappointed though because Revlon products are not available there and I was actually planning to check out the famous lip butters. They have a second floor but we didn't even bother checking it out because it's already getting late and we really wanted to go home because we just wanted to sleep already. It was such a long day for the both of us! So, anyhoo, we decided to have dinner there at Pizza Hut so that by the time we reach our house, the food that we consumed would already be digested. Hee!

Of course, I ordered my Pizza Hut favorite which is the Pesto Chicken Penne!

Lincon ordered the Hut Potatoes and the Meat Lovers Pizza.

Deymit, now I'm getting hungry! Ugh! I'll just wrap up this post now.

Like what I've said, it was a very tiring day. Imagine the hours of travelling and all. BUT, that's okay because I spent that tiring day with my Lincon and although I was really tired, it's no biggie because he is actually my stress reliever. Yiheeee! ^_^
So, yeah that's it! I'll update you guys soon. Catch y'all later!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)

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