Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Daily Skin Care Routine

So, I already filmed and uploaded my daily skin care routine as promised.
I use different skin care products for day and night that's why I have separate videos and blog posts about the two. If you haven't checked out my nightly skin care routine yet, just simply click here.

I'm not the type of woman who uses so many products on her skin because I believe that less is more. As you can see in the picture above, there are only 6 items featured and I don't even use them all at the same time. If you want to see how I use and apply the products above, watch my video in YouTube.

Here is the product breakdown of my daily skin care routine:


1a. Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap
- This will always be a part of my skin care routines because it really does wonders on my skin.

1b. Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash
- During the cold weathers, I avoid using the Kojie San Kojic Acid Soap because it gives you a dry feeling on your skin after using it. It's like your skin is getting tighter and being pulled back. So, on cold days, I prefer to use facial washes with lighter formula and texture and Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash is just perfect. The formula is very light, it's just like water when applied on your skin. To know more about this product, read my review here.


2a. Kojie San Cleanser+Toner Dual Action
- I've just found out about this product and I can say that it's perfect to use for my daytime skin care routine. This toner has a light solution and I prefer lighter formulas of toner for daytime because I think stronger formulas of toner plus the sunlight can be really harsh on your skin.

* How will you know if a certain toner is strong? Well, for me, if it gives you that dry feeling after using it and when your skin is getting tighter. I can also say that a toner is strong if it gives you a tingling or pricking sensation. An example of a strong toner that I can site is the Eskinol Oil Control Derma Clear C Facial Cleanser. It's actually what I use for my nightly skin care routine but it's okay because at least I'm not going to be exposed under the sun. It can just work its wonders overnight while I'm sleeping.

2b. Garnier Light Milky Lightening Dew
- It's not included in the photo above but I mentioned in my video that this was my toner before I switched to the Kojie San Cleanser+Toner Dual Action. I love this product because it's probably the lightest toner I know and it's actually a bit moisturizing. I even skip moisturizer sometimes because this can also server as a moisturizer for my skin because of its consistency.


3. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On
- I never skip this part of my skin care because this can really help lighten the dark circles around my eyes. This brightening eye roll-on will not actually totally lighten your dark under eyes and bring back your natural skin color. No. It will just reduce the puffiness of your eye bags and slightly lighten the darkness under your eyes.


4a. Garnier Light Whiten and Even Moisturizing Cream
- This is one of my favorite moisturizers because it really lightened my face when I started using it. It's also really moisturizing, like, it oxidizes on your skin. Another reason why it's great for daytime is that it contains SPF (I think 17) although I don't actually like using this when I'm out because it can leave a white cast on your face.

4b. L'Oreal Hydrafresh All-day Hydrating and Mattifying Icy Gel
- So, this is what I use when I have to leave the house because it can also serve as a makeup primer. It's really mattifying but it's very moisturizing and hydrating. The feeling is so fresh whenever I use this. This controls the oil from your face. I tried to use this, skip my makeup primer and then just proceed to my makeup and it's actually a pretty good makeup primer. My makeup lasted the whole day and my face wasn't that oily unlike when I just use my other moisturizers without the primer.


5. Maybelline Baby Lips in Revitalizing Menthol
This may not be in the photo but I just want to include it here because this is an important step on your skin care routine that you don't want to skip. You don't want to have dry and chapped lips especially when you're fond of using lipstick because it will really show. So, moisturize your lips. You can softly brush your lips with your toothbrush or just simply swipe on your favorite lip balms. The one that I used in the video is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Revitalizing Menthol.

Last tip, always drink lots of water because that can really help you achieve a better and healthier skin. Do not neglect your skin care, people. Skin is actually the largest organ of your body so take good care of it. It protects you so it's just right to keep it clean and healthy. Clean skin is a happy skin! Remember that! :)

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your skincare regime..I agree less is more and drink plenty of water. This year I tend to drink more water and I notice that my skin is getting better (I did not change my skincare products). So believe in the power of water..^_^~

  2. Yes, water's really important! It's the best way to achieve a healthier skin. Thanks for taking the time to read, Janet! :)

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