Monday, January 9, 2012

NYX Nude On Nude Palette from Shopgirl (I won another giveaway!)


Isn't that amaaazzing? I just won Random Beauty by Hollie's giveaway last October on the day before my birthday and I was actually feeling like crap that day. Then, I got an awesome news from Hollie saying I won her giveaway! Few days back, January 3, I was also feeling like crap that day (why do I always feel like that? LOL) and I found out that I won another giveaway. This time it's from Ms. Rosita Mercado Gonzales of Shopgirl from Facebook. This giveaway was super simple. All you had to do is to share the photo Shopgirl had posted and you're already counted as a participant and you'd have the chance to win a NYX Nude On Nude Palette. The lucky winner would be chosen randomly through and it was soooo awesome because I AM THE LUCKY WINNER! :)

Here's the proof:

Isn't that just cool? It was such a nice welcome for me this 2012! What a way to start a new year! ;-)

The item was delivered at our house two days ago via Air21. I took photos of how I step-by-step opened the package.

The item was carefully wrapped with bubble wrap and masking tape. Very secured packaging!

Yey! I finally have the NYX Nude On Nude palette! I was actually planning to buy this but then I won this giveaway.

Look at all those amazing colors!

I cannot wait to use this palette. You can definitely do a lot of makeup looks with this single palette. Review soon!

Thank you so much, Ms.Rosita of Shopgirl! This is soooo awesomely cool!!! ^_^

If you want to check out her page on Facebook just type Shopgirl on the search box or simply click here.

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Congrats, what a beautiful palette!

  2. congrats!! you are just so lucky!! how come I never won anything..since birth...huhuhu..='( but that's a nice many lovely shades...(^_^)~

  3. @Sarah - thank you!

    @Janet - Your time will come, dear. haha! Thanks! :)