Thursday, January 5, 2012

REVIEW: L.A. Girls Pro.Conceal HD.High-Definition Concealer

Concealers are really a must-have of every women out there. But you just have to be very careful in choosing the right formula and shade for your skin type... and I already found one that suits me.

Watch my Review video about this product:

I finally had the time to share with you guys my favorite concealer as of the moment. This blog post is a review about the L.A. Girls Pro.Conceal HD.High-Definition Concealer.

Price: PHP 299.00

I have been using the L.A. Girls Pro Concealer for almost three months now and that should be enough to give a thorough overview about the product. I bought the shades Creamy Beige and Pure Beige. Here is a closer look at the product:

TOP: Pure Beige; BOTTOM: Creamy Beige

It comes in a squeeze tube packaging and it has a built-in brush applicator which I'm not really a fan of because I think it's not very hygienic. So, it's just best to squeeze some product from the tube on a pan or on the back of your hand than to directly use the built-in brush on your skin.

L.A. Girls Pro.Conceal HD.High-Definition Concealer is a water-based concealer that's why when you squeeze out the product, a little amount of water will come out from the tube so you have to shake it first before using. I was actually a bit surprised when I first used this because of the water that came out from it.

This is how the product looks like. The texture is very creamy and opaque and it's easily absorbed by the skin. It actually has a matte texture. The lightest one is the Creamy Beige and the slightly darker shade is Pure Beige. At first, I thought Creamy Beige was the shade for me but it turned out that it's actually lighter than my skin tone. Then, I tried Pure Beige and it's the perfect shade for me. 

This is how the product looked like when you spread it out.

So, this is a picture of my bare face.

This is a picture of me after I concealed my left eye area with the L.A. Girls Pro Concealer. You can really see the difference, ei?

Left eye area concealed

Right eye area slighlty concealed

Here is a side by side photo of my bare face and a photo of my face concealed with L.A. Girls Pro Concealer:

Let's go to the pros and cons about this product, shall we?

- It glides on very smoothly
- The product blends very well on the skin
- Water-based
- It stays on for long hours
- Does a good job in concealing imperfections on the face
- A little goes a long way
- Price is reasonable at only PHP 299
- Very convenient to use

- The built-in brush applicator is not hygienic
- Too much water comes out from the tube at times
- Contains Paraben
- The shades are not completely available here in our country (Philippines).
Only three shades are available (Classic Ivory, Creamy Beige, Pure Beige)

You can find L.A. Girls at SM Department Stores Beauty Section / Watsons. You can also order L.A. Girls cosmetics from La Viez Tocstore at lower prices.

Overall, this concealer is absolutely for keeps! I definitely recommend this to everyone especially to those of you who are still beginners and also to those who have oily to combination skin type because it's water-based and has a matte finish. L.A. Girls Pro.Conceal HD.High-Definition Concealer is affordable but the quality is really impressive.

Just keep in mind that this is just my own thoughts and impressions about this concealer. Just because it works out really great on me doesn't mean it will also work the same way on you. :)

That's it!

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Nice reviews...sounds pretty good and price is quite acceptable too...I just hope there's a shade suitable for my skintone...Maybe I'll drop by Watson's later..thanks for sharing this review..=)

  2. Thanks for this post! I've been looking for swatches of this concealer since I got the creamy beige and it was too light for me. :( Pure beige might be the perfect one. :))