Friday, March 16, 2012

Battle of the Jumbo Eye Pencils (NYX, L.A. Colors, Wet N Wild)

NYX, L.A. Colors and Wet N Wild are sister companies (that's why most of their products are almost the same) and all of them have jumbo eye pencils. I did a video review about these jumbo eye pencils and here's the thumbnail if you're interested to watch the video. :)

The colors are very pigmented! Let me give you my thoughts on each of these pencils.


The reason why I love the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils is because of Xteeener. She made me love these jumbo pencils and even the other NYX cosmetics! I have seen first the jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean in one of her videos and I fell in love with it. That's why when I found out that there are a lot of online stores selling NYX cosmetics, I promised myself that I would purchase the jumbo eye pencils and first on the list is Black Bean. A few months ago, finally I got the chance to try it out and it was awesome. I don't like using it as an eyeliner though because it's too big but I love using it as an eyeshadow base. Since then I told myself that I'm going to collect the NYX jumbo eye pencils and so far, I have already collected 5. The shades that I have are Black Bean, Milk, French Fries, Purple and Pots and Pans.

I love the NYX jumbo eye pencils because they are very pigmented, there's a wide range of colors to choose from, they're great as eyeshadow bases and you can even depot them to save time from sharpening. The only two things that I hate about these pencils, no.1 is the packaging. The lid or the cap cracks easily because there's no stopper so you don't have any control in putting back the cap on. No. 2, they smudge and they don't stay on for long hours (unless you use it as an eyeshadow base and prime your eyes prior to the application).

I got my NYX jumbo eye pencils from NYX Cosmetics by Onlineshoppingzone and they are my NYX supplier. I got each pencil for PhP 140.00. 


I got this pencil at the Cosmetologie 2012 last Feb.22. My sister also bought one because we wanted to compare it to the NYX jumbo eye pencils. The texture and quality of this pencil is the same with the NYX jumbo eye pencils. The only difference is the size because as you can see, it's a very short jumbo eye pencil. It's not really called Wet N Wild jumbo eye pencils but it's called the Idol Eyes creme shadow liner. I got the shade Distress which is a very gorgeous blue color.

I got this pencil with 40% discount so I got this for only PhP 160.00 but the original price is around PhP 190.00.


It was just recently when I found out that L.A. Colors also have jumbo eye pencils and I found them at SM Dept. Store in Cubao. I bought two shades because I wanted to see if they're the same with the ones from NYX and Wet N Wild.

They are shorter than the NYX jumbo eye pencils but they're bigger than the Wet N Wild idol eyes (obviously). The colors are also very pigmented but they are creamier. If you're going to look at the cap of the pencils in the photo above, there's a stain on the edge. The L.A. Colors jumbo eye pencils are so creamy that even with just a light touch, it will transfer onto anything. That's why when I put back the cap on, I accidentally touched the tip of the pencil and a little product transferred onto the cap.

As for the packaging, L.A. Colors' packaging is the best for me because they have a stopper so there would be no accidental sliding of the cap too far (if you know what I mean). I got the shades Vacation and Desert Sun.
I got each pencils for PhP 119.00.



For me, the best jumbo eye pencil is the NYX jumbo eye pencil. L.A. Colors is okay but it's just too creamy for my taste (LOL) and Wet N Wild is just expensive for me. NYX JEP is PhP 140.00 for 5 grams, L.A. Colors is PhP 119.00 for 3.8 grams and Wet N Wild Idol Eyes is around PhP 190.00. I don't know the exact net weight of Wet N Wild Idol Eyes but obviously, it has lesser product than the two other jumbo eye pencils because it's the shortest yet it's the most expensive one. So no, thank you!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil wins because price is reasonable, good color payoff and there are a lot of shades to choose from. :)
Which do you think is the best jumbo eye pencil?

Stay awesome my dear dudettes! :)


  1. Did you get those nyx jumbos on sale? They usually retail at P399 from makeup stores and schools.

    1. Nope they weren't on sale. Some online stores sell it for lower prices. The most expensive price of the NYX JEPs that I found is P250.00