Friday, May 18, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream

Last October, I went to Human Nature Cainta, Rizal branch and found out about their night cream. I got really interested to the product because it says 100% Natural plus the seller told me that it's really good especially if you also use the day cream. I didn't buy the day cream though because I still have my daily moisturizer then. I only bought the Moisturizing Night Cream (I bought 2 bottles) and it was actually my first ever night cream to use. I usually use at night the same moisturizer I use during the day time. One bottle (50 ml) costs 120 pesos.

Human Nature is known for their 100 % Natural ingredients and 100% no harmful chemicals. That's really awesome so I decided to try out their Night Cream. It was my first Human Nature Product along with the Peppermint with Calamansi conditioner that I bought the same day I purchased the night cream. I was really excited to try out the night cream so that night when I got home, I used the night cream before going to bed.

PRODUCT NAME: Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream
PRICE: PhP 120.00
SPOTTED: Human Nature Cainta, Rizal branch

The packaging is a plastic bottle that comes with a pump. Each pump dispenses a pea-size amount of the night cream. I use 3 pumps for my face and neck. Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream is 100% natural and it contains plant collagen. According to the description at the back of the bottle, plant collagen infuses skin with maximum moisture. It says that this night cream will help stimulate the regeneration of your skin and infuses it with maximum moisture while you sleep.

When I first tried the night cream, I was disappointed with the pump because it did not work. Good thing I bough two bottles. I quickly tested the other pump if it's working and fortunately it did because that would really suck if it also didn't. Anyway, I pumped the bottle 3x and thought that's just an enough amount of product for my face and neck.

When I applied the night cream all over my face, I thought it was greasy and oily. I'm about to make a decision that I wouldn't continue using this anymore but eventually, the cream dried out. Not really dry like matte, it's still a bit greasy but not that oily. I thought, maybe I'll have a very oily face in the morning because the product is really greasy. To my surprise! My face wasn't oily! It says on the bottle that the night cream will give you a refreshed, healthy glow the morning after. I sure didn't feel refreshed after waking up but my face wasn't oily and doesn't look tired at all. It's like my skin is glowing. I mean, it's like I didn't just woke up (not unless you look into my eyes then you'll know that I just got out off bed!).

Photo taken after applying the Moisturizing Night Cream. I'm sorry I don't have a morning-after photo for this one so I'll just show you a different morning-after photo below. Anyway, notice in the photo how oily my face was?

This is just one of my morning-after photo. I don't know if you can clearly see it but my face wasn't oily and I looked fresh in this photo despite of those icky blemishes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's pretty amazing but the thing is that, I'm still not that satisfied. It's like I still want to look for other night creams to compare and see the differences. Overall, Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream is a good product. I definitely recommend this to people with tired skin and to those of you who have sensitive skin since this is 100% natural. Will I repurchase? Sure!

Human Nature has many branches and they sell online so, if you want to purchase and try out this night cream, visit their website or Facebook page to know how to order and to know their other store locations.

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

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