Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 2012 Favorites!

Hi everyone!

It's the first day of September today! Another month had passed so we should be thankful for that and be prepared for new things and challenges that may come our way. In this post, I'll be sharing the things that I've been loving and using last August. Well, I guess you already know that because of the photo posted above. ;-) So, the products that you'll see in this post are the things that I've been using a looooooooooot this past month. That means everyday (Well, for some products it's only almost everyday since I do not wear makeup everyday)!


1. Snoe Beauty S Skin SPF 30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream - This sunblock cream is my latest beauty must-have! It really does a good job on my skin. It's a multitasking product which is amazing! It serves as a moisturizer, sunscreen, make up base, etc. I love that is contains plant stem cell which plays a big role in cellular renewal and tissue development. So, this product will help fight early signs of aging. There are a lot of reasons why you will love the S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock cream. I've recently written a review about it so if you want to know more about this awesome cream, please click here

2. Hollywood Style Herbal Formulas Whitening Line - All of the products from Hollywood Style's whitening line make my skin so smooth, soft, and more firm! There are four products from their whitening line. The whitening body scrub which is absolutely amazing! It really leaves my skin so smooth and soft like a baby's skin! It's unbelievable and I'm not overselling or exaggerating at all. It also did lighten the dark spots on my body like my elbows. The whitening peel-off mask also leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I use it once a week. They also have the whitening body lotion which also makes my skin smoother and softer plus it can really lighten dark areas on my body and it's also really moisturizing. Lastly, we have the whitening face wash which really made my skin lighter and brighter. It lightened the dark spots on my face and my skin became fairer. I did a review about this face wash already and you can read it by clicking here. For the other three whitening products by Hollywood Style, I'll be writing a review on them very soon. My most favorites out of all these four whitening products are the face wash and the body scrub.

3. E.L.F. Stipple Brush - I have this stipple brush for a long time now (last October 2011 to be exact) but it was just last June that I started using it a lot and really loving it! It's the only stippling brush that I own and FYI, I won this from Ms. Hollie's (Random Beauty by Hollie) giveaway. I always thought this brush from E.L.F. is a bit flimsy that's why I've been ignoring it for the past months. Also, using a stipple brush in applying foundation takes a lot of time that's why I've been avoiding to use it. But then one day I noticed it just sitting in my brush holder. I went ahead and tried using it and then I became addicted to it! I just love how it gives a very flawless and even finish plus its bristles are not harsh on the skin. I just love it!

4. 4U2 Dream Girl Forever Liquid Foundation - This is my favorite everyday foundation as of now. I love the way it feels on my skin because it is lightweight but it's enough to cover the redness of my face (around the nose, cheek area, chin) and my blemishes. If I want a heavier coverage I could just add another layer since this foundation is buildable. Also, it doesn't break me out and it doesn't have an annoying scent. I love applying this with my E.L.F. stipple brush. I swear, the finish is almost airbrushed-like! :)

5. 4u2 Dream Girl Lovelight BB Powder with SPF 15 - Well, I guess I don't need to say much about this product since there's been a hype about it. A lot of women love this BB powder and I think I know why! It's totally awesome! It controls the oiliness of the skin, it has good coverage and it stays on for long hours. It is also a sun protector since it contains SPF 15. Plus, it's so small that you can put it in your bag or small pouch so you can bring it with you anytime, anywhere! :)

*If you haven't read my review on the 4U2 Dream Girl Lovelight BB Powder and Forever Liquid Foundation, please click here. You will also find in my review post the demo and review video of these two 4U2 Dream Girl products.*

6. Fashion 21 Loose Powder in No. 1 - I've been using this loose powder a lot lately. The shade is actually a bit darker than my skin tone but it is the only yellow-toned loose powder available in Fashion 21. I love this loose powder because it is finely milled, it doesn't cake and it stays on for long hours. A sheer coverage of this powder is enough to mattify my skin. I have a few foundation that are lighter than my skin tone so I use this to set the foundation and to match the color to my skin color. It really works perfectly! I do not bring this with me though when I go out but it actually doesn't fade so it's pretty awesome. I just use my 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder for touch-ups.

7. Herbench Prettywhenpinched Lip and Cheek Tint - I've been using this lip and cheek tint for the longest time! I've been using this since high school and until now I still love it. I can still remember, most of my girlfriends in High School had this. Last year, I stopped using it because I've been experimenting a lot with different blushes but now, I use it almost everyday. It looks really natural like my cheeks are just pinched and it gives life on my face. I also love it on my lips because it gives this subtle tint that looks like my lips have just been bitten or kissed so hard! ;-) Plus, it's absolutely affordable so it's perfect for students and teens!

8. E.L.F. Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed - THIS is my most favorite blush ever! I've been loving shades of purple these past months and this blush is just perfect. I've been also loving the "flushed" look and this is the best blush to help achieve that look. Well, for one thing the shade is called Flushed and you'll really look flushed with this blush! Apply your Herbench prettywhenpinched lip and cheek tint on your cheeks and brush a bit of this blush from E.L.F. and you'll look absolutely beautiful like you're in love. :) The Herbench prettywhenpinched can already help give you that flushed look but this E.L.F. blush will add this amazing glow on your skin and will give more life on your face. :) E.L.F. have new blushes right now, the ones that come with brushes. The shades available for those new blushes are just the same with their Natural Radiance Blushers (Flushed, Shy, and Glow). The new blushes are just bigger than those of the natural radiance blushers but I like more the latter because they are small so they can fit even in the smallest pouch or kit that I own.


9. Garnier Light Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on - I make sure that I bring this with me when I have to leave the house for a few days or even just overnight. I've been using this BB eye roll-on a lot lately because it instantly brightens the area around my eyes and it can conceal my dark under eye circles. Three dots is enough to conceal the darkness under my eyes. I've used this before but I stopped using it earlier this year because I tried other concealers. But now, I use it every time I do my makeup. I even use it sometimes and add another concealer on top when I want to wear heavier coverage of makeup. Now, why do I do that? I could just use a concealer alone to conceal the area around my eyes even without this BB eye roll on, right? Well, the reason is that this eye roll-on brightens up the area around my eyes and it also serves as my eye cream.

10. Saizen Long and Curl Lengthening Comb Mascara - Since I am studying again this year, I always settle for a simple and clean look so that it would be appropriate when I'm inside the campus. This mascara that I got from Saizen is my go-to mascara for simple and clean looks or for everyday makeup looks. I love how its comb curls and lengthens my eyelashes without being too heavy and dramatic. It also does a good job on separating the lashes. I barely use eyeshadows, eyeliners, and other eye makeups since class started this school year but this mascara alone can give so much life on my eyes. Look at the photo below to see how the brush looks like.

11. Saizen Dual-ended Eyebrow Pencil - I actually don't know the brand of this eyebrow pencil because the label and description are all in Japanese characters so I just call it Saizen eyebrow pencil since I got this from Saizen. Same with my comb mascara that I've talked about in the previous number. This eyebrow pencil is much like the dual-ended eyebrow pencils from some of the Korean makeup brands such as Etude House and Nature Republic. I guess the only difference is that the lead of this pencil is way thinner. But it also comes with a spoolie which works okay and it is retractable. I've been using this pencil a lot lately because it gives my brows a very natural look. The texture or consistency is not thick and creamy so it doesn't look fake and harsh plus the color matches my hair perfectly. :)

In the photo below, I'm wearing both the Long and Curl Lengthening Comb Mascara and the dual-ended eyebrow pencil that I got at Saizen. I don't know if you can notice it but my lashes are lengthier and curled. Mind you, I have thin lashes and I did not curl my lashes with an eyelash curler the day that I took this photo. (Please excuse the icky blemishes!)


12. Human Nature Peppermint 100% Natural Lip Balm - I love this lip balm because it's peppermint and it moisturizes my lips. The texture of this lip balm is almost the same with the Nanny Rose's Queen Bee lip balms. It's not really creamy but it's moisturizing. It's actually a bit difficult to apply on my lips but as I swipe it, it will eventually glide on smoothly and I can really feel that it softens the dry skin on my lips.

13. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - From the first time that I used this, I already knew that this would land on my favorites list! I love it because it is totally moisturizing on the lips like a real lip balm and the color really lasts for long hours. I got the shade Smitten which is an absolutely gorgeous hot pink color. I have already done a review about this and you can read it here.

14. NYX Slim Lip Pencil in purple shades - Like what I've said, I've been loving shades of purple these past months that's why I've been into purple shades of lipsticks. I love the NYX slim lip pencils because they're easy to use and the colors are buildable. You can sheer out the color if you want to tone it down a bit or you can add tons of layers so that the color would be really out there! I've been using the shades deep purple, never, prune, and purple rain because they are all great to use for day and night.


Simple and clean face and eye makeup with a scene-stealing lip color! It's unfortunate that I don't have a photo with a clean makeup on and a purple lip color. Oh well! You get the idea!

That's it for my favorites this last August. I know you have yours as well so please share it, too because I love reading about different products. I might discover new items that I would like. :)

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. I just did August favourites too! I love your blog :)

    Please check out my August favourites!

    Sophie xx

  2. I saw the uniform and I knew it was you that I saw at the Kryolan Boutique yesterday! I should've said hi but I was with my friend and omg you're so tall I got a bit shy ><
    I shopped for makeup that day as well and bought the Lovelight BB Powder from FORU2.. omg what an awesome product! the super cute packaging is a plus too! I love it! :D
    Did you check out the department store today? I found a new brand called YBS. The saleslady said the brand is from Australia, which I found to be true but the actual makeup is manufactured in China o_O
    But anyway, I bought a nude Long wear lipstick and 2 lipstick and lipgloss duos and omg I think you will love it too. I recommend it! I am going back on my off day to get one more and prolly try more FORU2 items and Pinkie Swear makeup cause I saw it on youtube as well. Love your favorites! Have the Snoe Argan Oil as well! Works great! Good Choices!

    1. Haha, you are the second person who happened to see me at SM North Edsa the other day. Funny, she did not approach me as well because she said I have company. You guys should've approached me! :) I'm glad you recognized me though. :)

      Lovelight BB powder is really awesome and I agree with the cute packaging. ;-)
      As for the new brand that you're talking about, yes I saw it as well and I believe it's BYS. :) It was also the first time that I saw BYS, that day when you saw me at SMNE. I also asked where BYS come from and she also told me it's from Australia but the products all look like they're made in China. That's why pala! I didn't like their products but I haven't seen all of them so I guess I'll check out the lip products you're telling about. ;-)

      4U2 products are actually great so you better check out their other products especially the eyeshadows. Oh you're looking for the Pinkie Swear too? Did you find it? Because I was looking for the Pinkie Swear counter that day but I failed. I guess it's not yet available in SMNE. I found out about it from Say Artillero's video and I think their foundation and lip gloss look very promising.

      Anyway, thank you for dropping by in my blog and sharing a story! I love interacting with my readers! :)