Friday, August 31, 2012


Hi everyone!

I found a skin care product that serves as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup base all at once! The S Skin SPF 30 Stem Cell Sunblock Cream is absolutely an amazing product! Well I've only mentioned 3 things that this cream does but Snoe Beauty Inc. claims that it is a 5-in-1 formula. According to their website, S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream is moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, a sun protection, and a make up base. It contains plant stem cells which are capable in tissue regeneration and cellular renewal. It plays a big role in tissue development. Plant stem cells are also antioxidants. It fights visible signs of aging and said to have an anti-wrinkle effect on humans. Isn't it awesome?

The Snoe S Skin Stem Cell cream is my first ever Snoe Beauty product and I can't wait to try out their other products. That's how good this cream is that I'm convinced and intrigued to check out their other items. The reason why I bought this was because I ran out of my Human Nature night cream. I wanted to try other night creams because I might find a better one. Then when I visited Landmark, Trinoma last month, I saw the Snoe Beauty counter. I asked the Snoe sales lady if they have a night cream and she recommended this sunblock cream. I asked her why was she giving me a sunblock cream when I would be using it at night. She said it works both for day and night. It has SPF 30 that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays coming from the Sun and the harsh UV radiation coming from artificial lights. Makes sense, right? I was sold because of that.

"Snoe S Skin Stem Cell SPF 30 SunBlock Cream, a multi-tasking product to respond to the needs of modern women. It is enriched with Plant Stem cells that will stimulate human stem cell growth; protect stem cells due to UV overexposure; reversing, the effects of aging on the skin.

S Skin Stem cell SPF 30 Cream Benefits Include:

Reduced wrinkles

Firmir skin

Smoothed hydrated skin

Protect from UV damage

Make up glides more smoothly

Toned skin

Even skin tone

Dark spot prevention and repair

Over all luminous white skin

Refined skin texture"

- Snoe Beauty Inc. (

Honestly and without being unbiased (because I love this product so much) or anything, I believe in everything that Snoe Beauty claims about this product. Ever since I got this sunblock cream, I've been using it nonstop. Actually, the pot/jar is almost empty and I'm freaking out right now because when I went back to Trinoma three days ago to buy another one, the sales lady told me that it's out-of-stock, even in all of the other Snoe Beauty stores and she doesn't know when are they going to have new stocks again! :(

 The S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock cream is a light pink cream that is rich and thick in consistency which has a matte and velvety finish. I used to hate thick creams (except Garnier Light Complete) because they do not really do good things on my skin but this is just perfect. They always cake and feel very heavy on the face. This sunblock cream sits perfectly on my skin and after a few minutes of application, it will feel like you have nothing on your face at all.

At first use, I thought I wasn't going to love it because it has a velvety texture and I was thinking it might not work greatly as a make up base. Most of the moisturizers and creams that have velvety finish and thick in consistency that I have tried before didn't work as make up bases. My makeup tends to look cakey and they sometimes form crumbles when rubbed and mixed with makeup. So, I was a bit skeptic at first about the S Skin Stem Cell cream because of my previous experiences with velvety/matte creams used as a make up base. But when I tried to apply the Stem Cell sunblock cream under my makeup, I was surprised because it works perfectly. It didn't form any small crumbles at all and my make up did not cake. It acts as a great make up base. Most days, I just apply this sunblock cream, conceal imperfections and set with powder because the S Skin Stem Cell sunblock cream alone is already enough to have a flawless, bright, and pleasant face. You don't have to wear any foundation especially when there is really no special occasion to attend to. Sometimes, I even go out wearing this sunblock cream alone. No powder or whatsoever. ;-)

Here is a picture of me wearing the S Skin Stem Cell sunblock cream with minimal makeup (a bit of concealer, powder to set, cheek tint plus the brows, eyeliner and lip color). Haha!

Now, here's a photo of me wearing the S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock cream with full make up on top:

Both have flawless finish, right? I swear I did not edit or photoshopped anything on my face in those photos above. Just the lightings and watermarks. ;-)

I've just been using this the whole month of August and it already did a great job on my skin. I noticed that after a week of using the S Skin Stem Cell sunblock cream, my skin definitely improved. My skin became more firm and smoother. I'm just not sure if it really lightens my dark spots because I'm also currently using another whitening product which is the Hollywood Style Whitening Face Wash. This September, I won't use any other whitening products other than the S Skin sunblock cream to check if it will really lighten my dark spots and complexion. I'm running out of the Hollywood Style whitening face wash anyway.

Let me show you photos of the before and after application of the S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream.

I already have a light complexion but as you can see in the second photo (after photo), my face appeared brighter. More pleasant-looking! I can go out looking just like that. To hell with those blemishes, I have fairer skin now! :)

I love the Snoe S Skin SPF 30 Stem Cell Sunblock cream because it instantly brightens up my face. I feel comfortable whenever I apply it on my skin because it's not sticky unlike other thick creams. My face always feels and looks fresh when I use this. This is definitely a beauty must-have! It now belongs in my Holy Grail list! I really love it and I don't want to skip on using so I hope that Snoe Beauty will have new stocks of this cream AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Pretty please?

I absolutely recommend this product. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals and it is very affordable at only PhP 169 (Is the price right? Come on down!). You won't lose a lot of money, instead, you will gain a lot of benefits for your skin.

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Finally, an affordable sunblock for the kuripot person in me! Can't wait to get my hands on this thing! I'm a new follower btw. Let's support each other! :)

    1. Right? One of the reasons why I love it is because it's affordable!

      Oh thanks, dear! I'll check out your blog. :)

  2. hi! where is snoe beauty counter located in landmark? :)

    1. You can find it at the cosmetics section, dear. :)

  3. aww nice review il def buy this kng meron s glorietta. i dnt like using sunblock kc hassle pero u convinced me to. pls chek out my reviews on their conditioner n shampoo

  4. Thanks! I'll def check out your reviews since I'm interested in their conditioners and other hair products! :)