Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awesome Find: 5-PESO HAIR VELCRO!!!

Hi everyone!

This is just going to be a quick post about my latest, cheapest find! More than a week ago, I was searching for hair velcros that I could use during my makeup gigs so that the hair of my clients will not disturb me while doing their makeups. I know most of you have it already but I couldn't really find a cheap one on our nearest local stores and malls. I did find a lot of cheap hair velcros online but I think the shipping fee is not that worthy if I am just going to purchase hair velcros. I found hair velcros at Suesh in Trinoma but it is quite pricey for me since a pair costs 85 Pesos! Then last week while we were at Makati for Mama's 13th therapy, I decided to visit Landmark, Makati because I haven't been there yet. There, I finally found a cheap hair velcro. A pair costs PhP 19.75 and it's pretty affordable but I just purchased two pairs to try it out. I was actually already happy with my almost 20-Peso hair velcro but when I went to Tagaytay a few days ago, I found out about a cheaper hair velcro. Waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper!

I was preparing my makeup stuff in my train case when my niece saw my 20-Peso hair velcros. She asked me what those are for because she said, her younger sisters have a lot of those hair thingy! I answered her  question and quickly asked where did they buy their own hair velcros. She said they bought it from the nearest sari-sari store which is literally a few steps away from our house! I asked how much are those hair velcros and they said they only bought it for PhP 5.00 each!!! 5 PESOS! The best thing is that those hair velcros even have cute designs on them like butterflies and flowers. Sooooooo cute! Thanks for my nieces' kakikayan, I wouldn't have known about these cheap and cutesy hair velcros. After finding out about it, my sister and I immediately bought a lot of the 5-Peso hair velcros. However, that PhP 5.00 is only for one piece of hair velcro. So, it's roughly PhP 10.00 for a pair. And it is smaller than my 20-Peso hair velcros but hey! It still is a steal! 

Another great thing is that it works just fine! At first I thought it's going to suck and not even stick on my hair but it really works and I am so happy about that! Hahaha! :)

And because I got super happy and interested with these ultra cheap hair velcros, I decided to add it on the main prizes for my ongoing Multi-Celebration Awesome Giveaway! So, if you haven't join the giveaway yet, click the link or click HERE! You'll love the prizes! :)

That's it! I just wanted to rave about this hair velcros because I am just mighty glad about it and so I decided to share it to you, guys! Hehe! Talk soon! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Nice! & I thought my PhP 14 hair velcro was cheap. To think that hair velcros online are sold for PhP 100-

    1. Haha! Yeah, I was actually surprised when I found out about this! :)

    2. You just saved me from purchasing those that are sold for a hundred! Thanks!!! :)