Friday, February 15, 2013

500 Pesos Makeup Challenge: Romantic Date Night Special


I finally did the 500 Pesos Makeup Challenge that's been around in the Pinay YouTube beauty community. Char of MsYellowYum and Gem of RareVanity created this tag! Thanks, Ms. Char and Ms. Gem! :)

This tag was created last June 2012 pa but it was only a few days ago when I finally decided to do it! I've been meaning to do it since last year or ever since I watched Char's video but it was too challenging. Hahaha! Although the makeup brushes and other tools are not included in the P500 budget, it was still difficult. Well it's not really that hard because you can find a lot of affordable and cheap products out there but it is difficult if you're going to find products that are affordable but have good quality. I really wanted to use products that are not just cheap and affordable but also something that you can really use in the future and not just for the sake of the challenge. Agree?

So, I've had many attempts. Let me show you this look:

- This photo was taken last October 2012 when I road tested the first set of products for my P500 Makeup Challenge. It was okay, however, I'm not satisfied with some of the products I used. The look was okay but still, there's something missing. Anyway, if you're interested to know what are the products I used in the photo above, here's the list:

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer - P129.75 (to conceal imperfections)
Careline Oil Control Face Powder Refill - P55.00 (to set the concealer)
Careline Single Blush - P8.00
Ever Bilena Evera Pencil in Brown - P35.00 (for the brows and for lining the water line)
Saizen Mascara - P85.00
Local Kokeshi Doll Liquid Liner - P20.00
NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Plush Red - P75.00 from NYX Cosmetics by Onlineshoppingzone
TOTAL = P479.75

As you can see, it will still pass the challenge if I used these products. However, I'm not satisfied with the result. So I came up with another sets, yes, sets of products to use. If you want to use the products listed above, go ahead. But here are the other options:

SET 500A:
San San Concealer - P110.00
Ever Bilena Powder Refill - P75.00
Saizen/Daiso Mascara - P85.00
Ever Bilena Advance HD Pencil Liner in Brown - P50.00
Ellana Minerals Diva Lip and Cheek Dot - P180.00
TOTAL = P500.00

SET 500B: 
San San Concealer - P110.00
Careline Oil Control Face Powder Refill - P55.00
Saizen/Daiso Mascara - P85.00
Ever Bilena Evera Pencil in Brown - P35.00
Ellana Minerals Diva Lip and Cheek Dot - P180.00
Local Kokeshi Doll Liquid Liner - P20.00
TOTAL = P485.00

So, you see? There are a lot of options. But here's what I really did:

If you'll ask me, I like myself better with a darker and louder lip color but this is the set that I chose because first, the products I used are better and second, it's perfect for this season of love! :) Plus I know a lot of people will dig this look since it is simpler.

Here are the complete list of products:

San San Matte Liquid Foundation No. 3 - P130.00
Careline Oil Control Face Powder Refill in Natural - P55.00
Fashion 21 Single Eyeshadow in No. 5 - P65.00
(For the brows, for contouring the lids and face, and for lining the lowes lash lines)
Fashion 21 Roll N' Dazzle in Pink's Diamonds - P85.00
(For the eyes and used as a highlighter)
Local Kokeshi Doll Liquid Liner - P20.00
(For lining the eyes and used as mascara)
HBC Essentials False Eyelashes in NE40 - P20.75
Nichido Eyelash Adhesive - P60.00
Careline Lip Gloss in 101 - P60.00
TOTAL = P495.75

Here's the video tutorial:

Paired the look with a cute pink top with pink and white bow tie, wavy hair and a heart-shaped bling earrings! :)

Valentine's Day may be over but it's not the only day that you and your sweethearts can go out on a romantic date! :)

Let me know which look do you think is better? The one I did last October or this one? Talk soon! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Cheap or expensive makeups you still look good. you have the talent plus the pretty face. really love your blog!

    1. Oh wow! Thaaaaaaaank you so much, P-Jay! :)

  2. hi, i saw your vid yesterday and visited watsons for the eyeshadow/contouring powder you used here. the shade #5 wasnt there but i saw a darker brown shade. will it be ok to use it for contouring? thanks by the way. i like your techniques. easy to follow and they really work. not to mention the products you recommend are awesome. -jess

    1. Hey, Jess!
      Thank you so much for the kind words. :) Anyway, I can't really tell if you can use that shade as a contouring powder. If it's really dark, it might look too harsh.