Tuesday, March 19, 2013

HUGE Glory of New York Haul

So a couple of weeks ago, I shared a photo on Instagram and on my Facebook Timeline of a box full of Glory of New York products which the company sent me! :) FYI, those products are for review and not for sale! Hahaha! Some people asked me if I will sell those products. Anyway, if you want to purchase Glory of New York products, please visit Glory of New York - Philippines or send me a message and I'll help you. :)

Here's the box full of GoNY goodies!!!

If you're wondering what are those interesting products that you can see inside the box, here's the list:

1. Dual Finish Wet Powders
It comes with a mirror and a sponge. I used this already and I love it because it has a smooth/flawless finish. Haven't tried it with a damp sponge yet.

2. Primer Base
I panicked when I first used this because I thought it was too oily, almost like an oil! But then it dries up after a minute and you'll have a smooth canvass! Review soon!

3. Oil-Free Liquid Foundations
Light formula and oil-free! I've used it twice already. It has a light to medium coverage and great for everyday makeup.

4. Total Coverage Foundation
I haven't really tried using these foundations but I did swatch it and I like its consistency.

5. Concealers
Love these concealers!!!

6. Loose Powders
I haven't tried these as well but I have my eyes on the translucent one. Hope it's a good one.

7. Mineral Blush
Never underestimate a product by its look! I thought this product is nothing special because the packaging was not attractive for me but when I tried it out, I was impressed with the pigmentation and the staying power!

8. Mineral Eyeshadow
I was in heaven when I saw these palettes!!! I got a total of 8 palettes and I'm loving all the color. I didn't think that the eyeshadows are pigmented because I didn't want to expect a lot from it because I might just disappoint myself. BUT when I tried to swatch the eyeshadows, I was surprised to see how pigmented the colors are!

9. Advanced Waterproof Eyeliner
To be honest, this product is just okay for me. Nothing really special about it though I still want to try the black one.

10. Mascara
I haven't tried this yet! Review soon!

11. Eyebrow Pencils
Y'all know how much I love collecting brow products because I just love shaping and redefining my brows. That's why I was so happy to have these eyebrow pencils! Review soon.

12. Kohl Eye Pencils
I'm loving all the colors and I am glad that they have a wide selection. Their pencils kind of remind me of the NYX slim eye pencils. Their lip pencils are also comparable with the NYX slim lip pencils.

13. Lip Liners
I told ya, they look like the NYX Slim Lip Pencils! I also love that they have a wide range of colors and these are pigmented as well!

14. Lipsticks
My favorite Glory of New York product!!! I already did a video and review about these lippies and I'm in love with it! Catch the video here.

15. Lip Shines
The color payoff of these lip shines are amazing. Even the lighter ones! Well, except for the clear gloss. Hahahaha!

16. Fairness and Glow Cream (for Men and Women)
THE BEST  night moisturizer I've ever tried!!! Review soon.

17. Heal Cream (for Men and Women)

18. Face Massage Oil (for Men and Women)

19. Anti-Aging and Skin Firm Serum (for Men and Women)
My Mom is currently using this and based on my observation, I think it made her skin smooth and supple. I think we need more time to see if her skin will get firmer. As for the serum for men, I'm still convincing my Father to try it out. Haha!

20. Anti Wrinkle Cream
My Mom is using this with the anti-aging serum. We'll do an update soon.

21. Facial Cleansing
Very light formulation but it thoroughly cleanses my skin! And the scent is addictive! So divine!

22. Aloe Vera All Skin Gel
23. Aloe E Moisturizing Lotion
I haven't tried both of this products but based on the product descriptions, I think it's promising.

24. Anti Stretch Mark
To all the Mommies out there! You might want to try this out! :)

25. Three-in-One Face Cream for Men
It says that this product Refreshes, Repairs, and Restores! Review soon!

26. Shampoo, Shave, and Shower Cleanser For Men
A three-in-one cleanser! I'm asking my brother to use this. Update you soon.

27. Hand and Body Lotion for Men
I gave this to my boyfriend and he said that it's really moisturizing and smells great!

28. Skin Enzyme Peel
This is such an amazing exfoliant! In fact, it's the best exfoliant I've ever tried. No kidding. Not being bias at all! I swear, after using this, it's like my face has a totally newborn skin!

That's all of it! Whew! Thank you so much to Glory of New York for your generosity and trust to The Project Awesome. :)

Please let me know which product would you like me to do a review first. 

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. OMG!!! That's a lot! Congrats Bing! I love your haul! <3 I want to try the brand too! :)

    Genzel Kisses

    1. Thank you, Gen-zel! It is a lot, really! Haha! You should try their products especially their skin care line. :)

  2. Indeed, a huge haul. The brand looks promising based on your thoughts. I would love to try it out. :)

    Micmic's Corner

    1. You should try their skin care products, sis! :)

  3. oh dear.. a year supply of makeup goodies!!!!

    1. Hahahaha! Thanks to Glory of New York! :)

  4. not just a year,, a few years supply perhaps.. :) too bad makeup products expire. or these will last you a lifetime sis.. :)

    1. It's a good thing that these products will expire on 2015 pa! Haha! Thanks, Belle! :)

  5. so excited to see your posts about these! ^^.


    1. I'm excited to do separate reviews, too! Thanks, Alice! :)

  6. wow! that's definitely a lot!

  7. Wow! That's a lot. Okay, I'm jealous now. Kidding. But that's a whole lot. I can't imagine myself, receiving that amount of makeup much less buying them, considering that I'm a huge shopaholic (& a bit of a hoarder, lol) whether it'll be for personal use or for reviews. Congrats, Bing & I'll be looking forward to your blog & video reviews about 'em :)

    1. I can't imagine myself buying these products all at once, too! Thank you, Yette! :)

  8. Oh my gulay! Ang dami!!! Saan nakakabili nyan? Haha nacurious ako :S

    1. Haha! Alam mo na yan sis! Ang facial! :)

  9. that's a lot of product!! ^_~

  10. hey Bing, do you have a price list especially for the skin care? I tried checking in their FB page but I can't find it.

    1. Hi Carmi! I'm just waiting for the price list from the company and I will definitely update you guys. :)

  11. Hi, I would like to purchase. Please help. Thanks!

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