Friday, May 10, 2013

Product RAVE-iew: Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel

Having a flawless skin is very significant especially when you always do your makeup. It just makes everything easier and you always have a smooth canvass so your makeup appears almost perfect. As a makeup artist and a beauty blogger/guru, taking care of my skin is my first priority. I've tried a lot of products before and some really worked perfectly on me.

They say to achieve a smoother skin and to remove the dead skin cells, you should exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. When I hear the word exfoliate, I always think about facial scrubs. The ones that has micro beads that acts as the exfoliant and help removes dead skin cells. However, facial scrubs like that can sometimes harm our skin because we all know that our skin is very delicate, especially on our face. Before, I kind of got carried away (haha) in exfoliating my face that I rubbed my face too hard and I ended up getting a scratch on my under eye area.

Thank goodness for there are available non-abrasive exfoliants out there! When you say non-abrasive, it means that it doesn't contain any beads or scrubs. However, some people might be skeptic to use it because they might think that how can a gel or a liquid product help exfoliate your skin and remove the stubborn dead skin cells? That's what I also thought before but when I tried the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel, I was amazed and impressed.

Have you heard about the Cure Natural Aqua Gel which they say is the number 1 selling skin care product in Japan? Well, the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel is just like that.

Product Name: Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel
Price: Free
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The GNY Skin Enzyme Peel is a gel-type of formula but as your rub it on your skin, the consistency will become thinner, almost like water, and that liquid will soften your skin and the dead skin cells and other impurities on your skin will eventually come off. Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel contains fruit extracts such as papaya, grapefruit, and pineapple. It also has pure aloe vera gel and spearmint camphor oil that's why it has a faint smell of spearmint.

Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before using the Skin Enzyme Peel. It's best to use the GNY Facial Cleansing as your face wash. Next, gradually apply the Skyn Enzyme Peel all over the face and keep buffing until the consistency becomes thin. Gently rub your skin, area by area, and you'll feel that micro beads will form and you'll see that dirt will start forming as well. Those are the dead skin cells being removed. Keep on rubbing until the forming of beads and dirt has stopped. Rinse your skin to remove the traces of dirt then follow with your moisturizer.

The directions that you've just read above is the direction that the owner herself taught me. The direction indicated on the product itself is a little confusing so if ever you're going to try it out, please follow the instruction I've written here. Or better yet, watch the demo video I've created:

The third time that I've used this product, to be honest, I was still a little skeptic about it. I was thinking maybe the dirt that forms on my skin when I use the GNY Skin Enzyme Peel is the product itself. Maybe, it was designed to form into small blobs like that. But NO. I did a test and after that, I was absolutely convinced as in 100% convinced!

Here's the test that I did. I swatched lipsticks on the back of my hand and I let it stay there the whole day. Those are GNY Lipsticks by the way. Then I tried washing it off and some of the shades left stains on the back of my hand. So what I did is, to test the effectiveness of the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel, I applied it on the back of my hand, on top of the stain and check if the stain will come off. Here are the photos provided:

PICTURE NO. 1: My left hand with traces or stains of lipsticks.

PICTURE NO. 2: I applied a small amount of the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel. You can still see the traces of the lipstick swatches.

PICTURE NO. 3: The lipstick marks were gone and you know that it came off because the dirt that came off is quite pinkish. I'm not sure though if you can see that but please take a closer look.

PICTURE NO. 4: After a few more minutes of rubbing, this is now how my hand looks like. You can see that there are no more traces or stains of the lipstick swatches. After I did this test, that's when I knew that the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel really works and it's not just designed to form into small solid pieces like dirt.

Up to this day, Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel is my number 1 favorite skin care product. It's what helped me achieve an almost flawless and poreless skin! Let me show you more photos.

PICTURE NO. 1: This was taken during my birthday last October 2012. I didn't know about Glory of New York products back then. This is how I looked like with makeup on before:

PICTURE NO. 2: This is how I look like with makeup on after a month of using Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel. I'm not sure if you can see any differences but my face looks more flawless now than before.

Okay, okay! Not yet satisfied? Here are more photos for comparison:

PICTURE NO. 1: Taken last November 2012.

PICTURE NO. 2: Taken after a month of using Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel. Look how flawless my skin looks like! That is because I now have a smoother canvass. :)

You may think that makeup is the reason for having a flawless-looking face so let me show you before and after photos of my bare face.

PICTURE NO. 1: Taken last January 2013.

PICTURE NO. 2: Taken after a month or so of using Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel.

I hope the photos provided above are enough evidences that Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel is an amazing product! It helps removes whiteheads and blackheads on my nose so I now have a smoother nose and my foundation and powder don't settle on the pores anymore like before. It's just awesome! You can still see though that I have blemishes and pimple scars here and there. Well, the GNY Skin Enzyme Peel doesn't really remove the scar in just one use but it helps lighten them so as you use it regularly (twice a week), you will notice that your pimple scars eventually becomes lighter and lighter and lighter. :)

This is me using the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel. You can see the dirt that had formed on my face. In Filipino terms, it's like libag. Hehe!

Now you know why this is my favorite skin care product ever. I love it because it gently exfoliates the skin and give you that smoother and softer skin. I've tried it on my family --- ALL OF THEM! From my parents to my brothers and sister and even on my nephews and nieces. They all loved it, we all love it.

The best thing about this is that you can also use this to soften thick skin on certain areas of your body like cuticles and feet. I have thick skin on my ankle and this product softened my skin and lightened it. Absolutely brilliant!

I recommend this to everyone! It's like you have a new-born skin every after use! I just like to remind you that you should not overuse it. I kind of got addicted to the product the first time I've tried it on because I was amazed on how it made my skin smoother. So I used it every other day and then I noticed that it already has a burning sensation. My face felt so warm, rather, hot and feels really sensitive. So I refrained from using it for a whole week. Whew! Haha! Also, you'll notice that when you tried to use it again just a couple of days ago after using it, it will barely form any dirt at all because your skin is still thin and fresh. Also, after I discovered that it can soften my ankles, I got addicted to it again so I used it on my ankle every night because I thought the skin there is thick and not as delicate as the skin on my face. But then after two nights of rubbing my ankle with the Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel, I noticed that the skin on the tips of my right index and middle fingers are becoming thin and sensitive as well because I use both of it to rub my ankle. Hahaha! So I ceased for a while and decided to just use it strictly twice a week. Well, it's a stupid thing to do but it just shows that the product ACTUALLY WORKS! :)

Thanks to Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel, my skin is now smoother than ever! :)

Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel is available for both men and women.

That's it! I hope you find this review helpful. If you have any other questions about the product, please visit Queen B. on Facebook. They are distributors of Glory of New York products. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. i think i saw you in sm north edsa yesterday, and the first thing i noticed was how flawless your face looked. if this is your secret then i really want to try this product.

    1. Just read your comment. Wow, are you also near SM North? :) Yes this is my favorite skin care product ever. :)

  2. Oh my. I think I need this product in my life. Thanks for the review, Bing! :)


  3. Hi! How much is it? I'm interested in trying it.