Monday, July 1, 2013

Product Rave-iew: Cara Airfit BB Cream

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The product was sent for me to try and give my personal perspective. Reviewing the product is my own decision. What's written here are all my own thoughts and opinions.

Some of my fellow beauty bloggers and friends love using BB Creams because it's perfect to use for everyday looks since they are lighter than foundations and have other benefits such as Sun protection and moisturizing properties. I'm not really crazy about BB Creams. I mean, I use them, yes and I've tried a few but I'm not really a BB Cream girl. Maybe it's because I haven't found the perfect BB Cream yet? Oh wait, I think I already did! ;-)

My favorite BB Creams are Ever Bilena Whitening BB Cream and Maybelline BB Cream because they both have smooth and decent coverage. The Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream is good, too but it's too dewy for me, considering I have oily-combination skin.

A couple of months ago, MyrSkin sent me the Encara BB Cream and a sample of Cara Airfit BB Cream. Both really impressed me because of that, I started to develop love for BB Creams. Let me share with you the Cara Airfit BB Cream first and I'll talk about Encara BB Cream in another post. ;-)


Product Name: Cara Airfit BB Cream
Price: Php 1,250.00
Available at: MyrSkin

I'm not really sure yet if it really eliminates dark spots, fine lines and other unwanted marks of aging because I don't use it everyday. In fact, I have only used it twice but it's just an amazing BB cream that's why I'm writing a review about it this soon.

Ms. Myra of MyrSkin sent me three sample sizes of the Cara Airfit BB Cream. The sachets are really small and I actually thought that one sachet is equivalent to one use only but the product goes a long way and I think one sachet can be used 3-4 times. Well, depending on the size of your face. Haha! I have a big, round face and I think I can use one sachet thrice. :)

The great thing about BB Creams is that they are multifunctional. They serve as foundation, concealer, makeup base, sunscreen, moisturizer, and some even have anti-aging properties and antioxidants. The first thing that I look for in a BB cream is a good coverage. Moisturizing benefit is just a close second. Third is Sun protection and I love that Cara Airfit BB Cream has SPF 37. :)

Cara Airfit BB Cream has a thick consistency but it's very lightweight. It glides on very smoothly on the skin and very blendable and buildable. It has light to medium coverage. If I'm going to compare it to Encara BB Cream, Cara Airfit BB Cream has thicker texture and more coverage. It smells amazing, too! I love how it smells! :) The only thing that I dislike about it is that it is available in only one shade and it's a little lighter than my skin color.

Of course, I road tested this BB cream and took photos periodically on that day for before-and-after photos.

PICTURE NO. 1: Bare face

PICTURE NO. 2: Applied the Cara Airfit BB Cream all over my face. Took a photo with and without flash. As you can see, it is lighter than my original skin tone. However, it covered well my blemishes, dark circles and the redness of my skin. Flawless and smooth finish, too!

PICTURE NO. 3: Since Cara Airfit BB Cream is a little lighter than my skin color, I used a darker shade of powder to match my original skin tone. Now, it looks way better! Perfect! ;)

PICTURE NO. 4: With complete makeup on. Took photos again with and without flash. My face looks so flawless and healthy! I did not apply any highlighter and blush.

PICTURE NO.5: Took a photo after two hours. I got shiny around my t-zone but coverage still looks awesome!

PICTURE NO. 6: This was how it looked like after a total of 5-6 hours. My face looked oily but still looks decent. Coverage wasn't fading that much and I did not retouch at all!

PICTURE NO. 7: Please excuse my very unpleasant face! Haha! This was taken after a total of 10.5 hours and after doing the laundry and all. My face was super oily and shiny! However, I'm still impressed because come on, 10 hours and coverage was still pretty decent? Very imposing! If you see unblended marks on the sides of my nose, those were eyeglasses marks.

PICTURE NO. 8: To see how it would look like if I retouched, I blotted the oil from my face. I did not use any powder, just oil blotting paper and I was surprised to see that the coverage still looks good! Although it had worn off already under my lower lash lines because of my eyeglasses. The redness around my nose was starting to show already as well as my pimple scars but very slightly! Very impressive, indeed!

After seeing all those photos, need I say more? Haha! I love Cara Airfit BB Cream (period)

Let me list down the pros and cons.

- Amazing coverage
- Impressive staying power
- Moisturizing
- Scent is so fresh
- Smooth and flawless finish
- Has SPF 37
- Semi-matte finish
- Perfect for people with oily-combination skin

- Available in only one shade
- ?

I honestly can't think of any other negative things about it. Hmm, maybe it's availability? MyrSkin's products are available in Purbeauty outlets in Serendra and Harbor Point. I'm just not sure if they're already available in Trinoma but Ms. Myra told me that they'll be available there soon as well in Alabang Town Center. If you're from the province, it sucks because those places are too far from you but it's a good thing that you can order online! Just visit MyrSkin on Facebook. :)

I absolutely recommend Cara Airfit BB Cream! It is, by far, the best BB Cream that I've used. To all you BB Cream lovers out there, you should give this a try. ;)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission. :)

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