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Favorite Face Primer!!! Glory of New York First Base Foundation Primer | Review

To be honest, I don't really use primers every time I do my makeup. I just use them occasionally like when the weather is hot and when I need my makeup to last all day. You can find tons of primers out there from different cosmetic brands. Some really do work while some will just take a part of your bank account and can leave you dissatisfied.

So, here I am today sharing with you my favorite face primer to date! I got to say, I didn't have a good first impression with this one but now, I can't stop recommending it to my relatives and friends.

Product Name: Glory of New York First Base Foundation Primer
Price: Please visit Queen B. on Facebook for inquiries
Available at: Queen B. on Facebook

Paraben Free

This foundation primer is a must to provide a flawless finish to the face. Helps to seal and protect the skin's moisture balance. Leaves makeup looking fresh and color true all day.

Apply 1 or 2 drops on the face. Allow to absorb and dry before applying foundation.

Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tridecyl, Trimellitate, Sphingolipid, Ceramide 3, Cholesterol

You know, one thing that I like about Glory of New York is the look of their products' packaging. They just look so elegant, classy, and expensive! The GNY First Base Foundation Primer is contained in a clear plastic bottle with a pump. It's the same packaging as their liquid foundations. It's great that it comes with a pump, however, it's pretty difficult to control the dispensing of product because a tiny amount of this primer goes a long way! One pump can dispense a lot of product! You can use that amount up to three applications already, I'm not exaggerating. So, every time I use this primer, I press the pump really slowly and ever so gently just to dispense the right amount of product that I need for my entire face.

I've mentioned above that I didn't have a good first impression with this primer. The first time that I tried this, I freaked out a little because I thought it was too oily. No, not oily but too greasy! I thought how can a product with a slimy texture like this help make my makeup last for long hours? I decided not to try it anymore but after telling my story about my first experience with it to my sister, she went ahead and used it to see for herself. Then all of a sudden, she was running towards me and with a very high-pitched tone, she exlaimed, "NATUTUYO SIYA! NATUTUYO SIYA!" ("It dries up! It dries up!"). I was surprised to see that her face looked completely matte after she applied the primer. It turns out, you have to really allow the primer to set on your face and you have to keep on rubbing it until it dries up and absorbed by your skin. Silly me, I didn't read and understand carefully the direction. I was really scared with its very oily texture. But yeah, it dries up completely matte.

After that incident, I decided to give it another go and I was dumbfounded. The Glory of New York First Base Foundation Primer gives you a very smooth canvass thus, making your makeup look more flawless. It dries up matte but will leave you with a moisturized smooth skin. The owner of GNY told me that this primer can also serve as your moisturizer so you have a 2-in-1 product. I tried to use it without applying any moisturizer and yes, it can definitely serve as a moisturizer as well. I didn't feel any dryness on my skin even after I put on my full makeup and I didn't get any dry patches on my skin. Nevertheless, I only did that once since I'm very particular when it comes to my skin care regimen. I can skip my toner but not my moisturizer. Hehe! But let me tell you, with or without a legit moisturizer, this primer works!

Okay, let's now move on to my usual review test. Of course, I took photo chronologically for review purposes.

PICTURE NO. 1: Let's begin with my bare face, oops, not totally bare. I already applied the GNY First Base Primer on my face in this photo.

PICTURE NO. 2: With GNY First Base Primer and Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil on top. The reason why I used the Fashion 21 stick concealer as foundation in this test is because I've already tested its longevity without using a primer. Now, I wanted to see if this primer could really help make my makeup last even longer. During the application of my foundation, I've already noticed a difference. The Fashion 21 Perfect Stick was easier to blend and it has a smoother finish. Also, the perfect stick can sometimes accentuate dry patches on my skin especially around my nose but with the GNY primer, everything is just smooth and flawless.

PICTURE NO. 3: With full makeup on

PICTURE NO. 4: After 4 hours. My t-zone got a little shiny but as you can see, my makeup still looked fresh! Isn't it awesome? For the record, I have oily-combination skin.

without flash

with flash

PICTURE NO. 5: After 6 hours, my t-zone got more oily but very slightly and my makeup was still intact! With a single sheet of oil blotting paper or a soft tissue, your makeup can look as good as new!

For comparisons, let me share with you two side-by-side before-and-after photos. Both after photos were taken after 6 hours (4PM-10PM).

These photos were taken during my Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil test. I did not use any primer here.

In this second photo, I did the same foundation routine (same foundation, same powder) except I applied Glory of New York First Base Foundation Primer prior foundation application.

I'm not sure if you can notice it but my makeup on the second before-and-after photo looked fresher than the first test without the primer even with the same 6-hour interval between the shots. My face got super oily earlier without the primer and my foundation faded out a little around my nose earlier than the time that I used the GNY First Base Foundation Primer. I hope you're getting what I'm saying! Haha!

Bottomline is, the GNY primer absolutely works! It just makes my makeup last longer and it makes blending of foundation and concealer easier because this primer gives you a smooth and flawless canvass so your makeup have something to hold on to.

I recommend the Glory of New York First Base Foundation Primer because of three things: it gives you a smoother canvass, it keeps your makeup intact longer and it can also serve as your moisturizer. Plus, this 30ml bottle can last you for a long time because like what I've said, a little amount goes a long way. Yeah, I know! Sounds cliche! >.< Anyway, you can get this primer and other Glory of New York products from Queen B.  on Facebook. Don't forget to visit their page and take advantage of their clearance sale! This primer is included! GO!

I'll leave you with these words, first impression never lasts! ;-)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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