Thursday, July 18, 2013

Product Review: Shawill Vogue Noble Lipstick in No. 07

A few days ago, I posted on my Facebook page a photo of me wearing this new awesome red lipstick that I recently found. I let the people guess from what brand is the red lipstick and I was surprised that a lot of them kept on guessing and begging me to reveal the answer. I thought it was very interesting  so I made a game out of it! I kept them guessing and the first person to comment the correct answer wins. It was pretty funny because it actually took quite a while before one of them guessed it correctly and she's the only one who gave the exact brand name. No competitors at all. So, congratulations to Ms. April Joy Luna for winning the game. She'll be receiving the same lipstick and another secret item. :)

Anyway, Shawill is a local drugstore brand here in the Philippines and a lot of people actually know about it. Maybe because they never thought this brand carries a very pigmented lip color like this that's why my followers didn't answer Shawill on my guessing game! Actually, I was also really impressed with the color pay off and the longevity of this lipstick considering its very affordable price!

Product Name: Shawill Vogue Noble Lipstick
Shade: No. 07
Price: Php 128.00
Bought from: SM North Edsa, Department Store

You know, one thing that I noticed negatively about this lipstick is that it is a little confusing because at the back of the box, it says Shining Glitter Lipstick yet the lipstick itself doesn't even have glitters in it. Also, on the top of the box and on the lipstick tube it says Vogue Noble so I am not really sure what to call this lipstick --- if it's Vogue Noble or if it's Shining Glitter Lipstick. But since it's not glittery nor shiny, I'm just going to call it Vogue Noble Lipstick because it sounds more interesting and chic! ;-)

It's a good thing though that the expiration date is indicated on the side of the box. The lipstick is verily small so as you can see from the photo above, the net weight of the product is only 3.8g. Well, that's fine since it's only for Php128.00! Honestly the lipstick tube is almost just as big as my thumb!

See how small it is? The shade that I chose is No. 07 and like my comment on the Glory of New York Lipsticks, I wish that they would come up with shade names than just merely shade numbers so it would be easier to remember. Anyway, shade No. 07 is a deep red color with blue undertone.

I don't know about you but this lipstick has a great appeal on me because I like the silver, black and red combination of the packaging. It is pretty durable, too. Honestly, I thought the tube is going too be flimsy like other local lipsticks but it's surprisingly sturdy.

There are two reasons why I bought this lipstick - its awesome pigmentation and its very affordable price. Shawill Vogue Noble Lipstick has a creamy texture with a satin finish but once it dries up on your lips after an hour or two, it will look and feel completely matte. Yes, it will dry up later on so you really have to moisturize your lips prior to using this lipstick because based on my experience, after about 5-6 hours of wearing this lipstick, I can feel that my lips is really dry. However, it's absolutely fine by me since its staying power is commendable! It's a shame that I don't have chronological photos to show you how it looks like hours after hours. I only have the first photo right after applying it and the photo that I took at the end of the day before removing it from my lips.

This is the before and after image. Top photo was taken right after I applied the lipstick on my lips and bottom photo was taken after a total of 12 hours (or maybe even a little more)!

Awesome, isn't it? I've already eaten, drank, licked my lips and you can clearly see that there's still a stain on my lips. They look absolutely different from each other but if only I just took photos chronologically, then you would be buying this lipstick right after reading this! It stays on for looooooong hours and it takes 2-3 hours before the color starts to fade out. Nevertheless, like what I've said, it can be drying on the lips after a few hours and if you really have dry lips, it can settle on the crevices of your lips once it dries up.

The verdict? It's praiseworthy! It deserves to be recognized. I'll give it a 5/5 rating, seriously! You'll pay just a little and you'll get awesome results so, why not? 'Di ba? Pigmentation is laudable, staying power is amazing, price is super affordable and Shawill is available in almost all, if not all, leading department stores nationwide. So, yeah, I definitely recommend this to all my fellow Filipinas out there who are big fans of local and drugstore cosmetics. It is also available in other colors and textures. Some are glittery and frosted, too so if you're not into matte or satin finish and if you're not a fan of red color, don't worry, there are other shades to choose from. ;-)

Another awesome find, ei? So glad to find awesome cheap finds like this! ^_^

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. This is very interesting :) I am a fan of affordable local cosmetics. Great review Bing. Will definitely check this out soon.