Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Product Review: SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion + GIVEAWAY!!!

One thing that I’ve learned and observed within my 2 years of blogging and researching about beauty-related stuff is that most Filipinas are very eager to achieve whiter complexions. I am actually one of those ladies. Well, I was born with fair complexion already but I still use whitening products to maintain my skin color and to improve it. My sister is my complete opposite, though. She’s not dark but she’s more interested in sporting tanned skin. Hehe!

Most of the whitening products in the market need some time to take effect before you can see results which, let’s admit it, kind of annoys us sometimes and makes us a little impatient. Well, I think I’ve already found something that would truly interest you, my fellow Filipinas! I recently discovered the SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion that is perfect for those impatient ladies out there! Hehe!

SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion is a product made by Splash Corporation, the biggest Filipino-owned personal care company here in the Philippines. It can instantly whiten your skin upon application, like the effect of a BB cream.  SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion has the Tri-Power Technology that whitens skin in three ways. First, like what I’ve already mentioned, it whitens skin instantly upon application, thanks to its whitening actives and opacifying agents. Second, it will reveal your whitest white in 7 days, and lastly, it will reveal the whitest white of your skin if you use it continuously. Another good thing is that the SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion is also really moisturizing and has good benefits for your skin. It has Vitanourish Formula that contains vitamins B3, B5 and E which will really help in whitening and moisturizing the skin. This dermatologically-tested lotion also has SPF 20 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Honestly, even though I use whitening products, I don’t believe in every whitening products in the market. I am really skeptic when it comes to this kind of products because some of the whitening products out there don’t work at all. That’s why I was impressed when I tried out this product. It really lightened my skin upon application. I applied it just on my left hand and then waited for about a minute to let my skin absorb the product then when I checked back, I compared it to my right hand and was amazed to see that my left hand looked lighter and healthier.

Since I already have fair complexion, the result doesn’t show that much in photos. I don’t know if it’s my lighting or maybe my camera really just sucks! So, I decided to do another photo test  using my niece’s hands since she has a medium skin tone (kayumanggi). 

Here’s a before and after shot:

You can see in the after shot that my niece’s right hand looked lighter than the left hand after we applied the SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion. It even looked more supple and gave a beautiful blush white skin. It felt softer, too!

I must say that this lotion is by far, the best local lotion that I have tried. You can see results instantly and it is really moisturizing, too --- not to mention its other benefits for your skin which is just awesome. Oh, I almost forgot to say that this lotion smells really fragrant and fresh as well. I can’t stop sniffing my hands everytime I use it. Hehe!

SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion is available in three sizes – 50ml (Php 71.00), 100ml (Php 123.25), and 200ml (Php 235.00). I got the sizes 50ml and 100ml and I always bring with me the smaller size everywhere I go. The bottle is very handy and the lid is durable so I don’t have to worry about the product spilling inside my bag.

Okay, here’s the awesome part!

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For more info on the product and the brand, you can visit:

You can watch the SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion commercial via this link:

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. Name : Haidee Lozano Pencerga
    Email Address : haideepencerga@gmail.com
    Link to FB post on SkinWhite page : https://www.facebook.com/skinwhite/posts/767477253303057

  2. Name Haidee Lozano Pencerga
    Email Address : haideepencerga@gmail.com
    Link to FB post on SkinWhite page : https://www.facebook.com/skinwhite/posts/767477253303057

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