Thursday, March 9, 2017

DIY Hair Coloring with Manic Panic

If you are following me on Facebook and on Instagram, then you will know that I am fond of dying my hair. Since August 2016, I had been frequently dying my hair with somehow unusual hair colors. I've tried green, teal, light ash blonde, purple, and blue. Now, my hair is already PINK!

Last year, I bleached my hair like three times already. I had to bleach my hair so that I can achieve the hair colors that I really want. Colors like green, blue, red, purple, pink, etc. will not show up if you don't have a light base.

I know, I know. Dying your hair frequently can damage it especially when you bleach it. That's why I take care of my hair by using hair treatments such as hot oil, hair spa, and deep conditioning. I also don't shampoo my hair everyday so that my hair won't easily get dry and also, to preserve my hair color longer.

The hair dye that I usually use is Bremod and there is also this other hair dye brand that my Mom buys from Divisoria. Don't worry, they are safe. She buys it at this store which offers salon tools, especially for hair treatments, dyes, and the likes. Some people thought that I change my hair color weekly. Well, I don't. It's just that the hair dyes that I use usually fades so easily that's why every time I wash my hair, the color wears out. Since it's fading, of course, it will change its appearance that's why people thought I frequently dye my hair. Hehe.

The last hair color that I used was blue before I decided to go pink. But I waited for it to completely fade until it goes back to blonde. This is what my blue hair looks like.

Then when it completely faded, I got this awesome light ash blonde hair color!

People loved that color and so did I! But I get bored easily and I want to explore more colors so I decided to dye my hair pink! :) Since my hair is already dry and damaged due to the hair dyes that I've previously used because they require oxidizing lotion for the color to activate, this time, I decided to try Manic Panic. It's definitely pricey but it's vegan so it's okay! And the color lasts longer than the previous hair dyes that I used. I got this Manic Panic from Gwyshop.

I chose the color Hot Hot Pink. I originally wanted a pastel pink dye but the owner of Gwyshop, Ms. Dona, told me that I need my hair to be lighter to achieve the pastel pink color. Since I don't want to damage my hair any more by bleaching it again, I decided to go with this one. Beside, I love vibrant hair colors so this should be fine! :)

And voila!

This hair color is, by far, my most favorite hair color that I've tried on myself! What I love about it is that the color does not fade that easily.

If you want to see how I dyed my hair with Manic Panic, here's my vlog about it.

After my first shampoo, this is what it looked like. Still vibrant, right?

To preserve the color much longer, like what I've said, I don't shampoo my hair everyday. And when I do, I use a purple shampoo and purple conditioner. I am using the Clairol Shimmer Lights purple shampoo and conditioner.

It works great! But since it's already been a month now (I dyed my hair last February 10), this is what my pink hair currently looks like.

Still pink but definitely muted already, the bottom part, mostly. It's almost turning into a muted orange color. Ms. Dona said that when my pink hair fades, it will turn into orange. Can't wait to see what it would look like when it completely fades! I will definitely update you guys! :)


  1. Love how adventurous you are with your hair, Bing! Lovely! :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai
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  2. sis, san banda sa divisoria yung nabibilhan ng bremod?