Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Product Rave-iew: Ever Bilena Advance BB Flawless Whitening Compact

One of my favorite products of Ever Bilena is their powder, err, I mean their powders. In fact, in my opinion, they are one of the local brands that carries the best powders. They offer quite a wide variety of powders but my favorite is the EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening Compact.

Product name: EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening Compact
Price: Php250
Available at: Watsons, department stores, grocery stores, drugstores

The EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening Compact is the powder counterpart of the EB Advance Whitening BB Cream (click here to see my review on it). I love that BB cream so much! It's my favorite local BB cream up to this day so imagine my excitement when I found out that they also have a powder to pair it with.

This powder is not a new product though. I am sure most of you have already tried this one. Actually, I have been using this powder for almost two years now. As a matter of fact, I am already on my second refill. I just realized that I haven't posted a review about it here in my blog so I thought I'd share my two cents about this powder with you.

Like what I've mentioned above, I think Ever Bilena is one of the local brands that offers the best powders. They have various powders from their different collection but what separates the EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening Compact from the rest? Let's see. :)


The EB Advance Flawless Whitening Powder is stored in a sturdy, purple compact with a safety lock. Pretty bulky but still handy. When you open the compact, you'll see a mirror and the powder on the 1st compartment.

When you lift the powder, you'll get to the second compartment and there, you will find the sponge.

There are holes on the bottom part of the compact which is great. It will allow the air to circulate so the sponge will not be contaminated (although you should frequently clean your sponge).


The texture of this powder is as smooth as butter! Other local and affordable powders can be quite chalky but the EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening powder is finely milled and packed.

What I also like about this powder are the shades. It is available in only 2 shades though, Matte Natural and Matte Oriental, but they are both perfect shades for the Pinay skin tones. In the photo, the shade is Matte Oriental. It has a more yellow tone than the Matte Natural and it is darker, too. When the foundation that I use is a bit lighter than my skin tone or is more on the beige side, I use my Matte Oriental to neutralize the color and it works very well. Since for some reason, my skin got fairer now, I switched to Matte Natural because it is lighter than the oriental.


The EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening powder has a medium to full coverage. Double the application and you'll get a full coverage, especially when you use a sponge or a powder puff. Look at the photo above, I only swiped my fingers once (and very lightly) but I already got a great coverage.

On days when I don't want to wear a lot of makeup but I need extra coverage, I use this powder. It has an amazing coverage but feels really light on the skin. It's surreal! It can lighten my dark circles and blemishes and can cover up the redness of my skin. It also evens out my skin tone. During my 3rd and 4th year in New Era, this was my go-to powder. I usually wear less makeup in school but I need something that is long-wearing because we spend almost the whole day in the campus due to our duty at the SPED department and this powder is the perfect one to use!

On days when I want to do a heavy coverage, full glam makeup, this powder is also one of my favorites to set my foundation. It just adds more coverage and gives a flawless, matte finish without looking dull.


In this image, I did not use any makeup base, just the EB Advance BB Flawless Whitening powder and a little bronzer. On the left side, I just finished doing my simple makeup. It was around 10 in the morning, before I went to school. On the right side, the photo was taken after my classes and duty hours at around past 5 in the afternoon. Almost 8 hours had passed but I still look quite fresh. I did not retouch, FYI. You can see that the powder had already faded a little under my eyes and around my nose. My lip stain did fade already, too. Hehe! But other than that, I think I still looked presentable. :D I did oil up in my t-zone area because I have combination skin but the coverage is still good. No need to retouch because a sheet of blotting paper can fix my shiny nose. :D

As for the price, for Php250, it's not that bad considering its quality. The coverage is just wow and it also has a commendable longevity as you have seen in the before-and-after photo above. It's a great powder for people with oily and combination skin because it can control shine and can mattify the skin without looking lifeless. People with normal and dry skin can use this, too because the texture is silky and smooth and not at all drying. Just don't forget to apply your moisturizer prior application (no matter what skin type you have, do not neglect it!).

As for the whitening part, well, I did not see any changes in my complexion but I really don't care about the whitening part. As long as the powder has great texture and coverage, I'm all good. If you're also wondering just in case, I want to share with you that I did not breakout by using this powder.

I can't tell you how many times I have already used this powder but I hope the photos and my testimonial are enough to emphasize how great this powder is for me.


Absolutely! Like what I have mentioned, I am already on my second refill. The compact is still the same one from my first purchase. No need to buy a new full compact because like what I've also said, the packaging is sturdy. Unless you break it, so, yeah! Hahaha! :) Also, you can find this powder anywhere (well, almost)! Ever Bilena products are available in department stores, drugstores, grocery stores, and even in convenient stores such as 7-11. FYI, I bought my first compact at the nearest Mercury Drugstore.

5 out of 5 stars for this product! Have you tried this powder already? No? Then I am suggesting that you should. ;)


  1. Ever Bilena whitening compact looks perfect for normal skin type. Not too whitish at all and looks long lasting too. Thanks for this amazing blog. I think I might need this one.

  2. Looking attractive and beautiful is the dream of every girl. All i can say this advance bb Flawless powder gives a great coverage to pimples and wrinkles with flawless skin and i think its not expensive comparative to other famous brands.