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Benefit Boi-ing Concealers (MEET THEM ALL)

If you will ask me, what is one of the most important things that should never ever leave a girl's makeup kit? It's CONCEALER! It is the solution to almost all of our problems in doing makeup --- covering up those dark spots, hiding the dark circles, and concealing those other blemishes. In fact, on days when I don't want to wear heavy makeup, I just use a concealer to cover the imperfections on my face just to look more fresh and presentable. Y'know what I mean? That's why a concealer is already a staple in my makeup kit. Err, I mean concealers. Yes, I like to keep a couple of concealers in my makeup kit in different formulas just to be ready depending on my skin situation at the time.

Then here comes Benefit, re-launching their Boi-ing Concealer but this time, it's a full line! And this line of Boi-ing concealers can cater to all our concealing needs. Thank goodness for that!

The Benefit Boi-ing concealer is one of their most famous and one of my favorite concealers ever! I love the coverage that it gives because it can really cover up the imperfections on my face. Plus, it has a salmon tint which is perfect in concealing my dark circles. So, when I visited the new Benefit Cosmetics branch in Robinson's Magnolia, I got the chance to be introduced to the Benefit Boi-ing Concealers Family.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Line

The top-selling concealers of Benefit Cosmetics are joining the Boi-ing family with a new look and name! Don't worry, they still have the same shades and formulas.

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer (Php1,200)
*the original Boi-ing concealer

This is what I'm talking about! One of my favorite concealers to date, the original Boi-ing concealer! It gives a full coverage and I love how it can perfectly conceal my under eyes and my dark spots. The texture is creamy and quite thick but it's lightweight. It has a matte finish, too. If you're looking for a heavy-duty concealer, this one is for you.

I am shade No. 2 but I sometimes use No. 3 to color correct dark circles and dark spots

Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer (Php1,200)
*formerly known as Erase Paste

From the name itself, the Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer will help brighten up the eye area. This is a full coverage concealer that contains brightening pink undertones to color correct the dark circles. The texture is creamy and a wee-bit thinner than the Industrial Strength Concealer.

I am shade No. 2

Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer (Php1,200)
*formerly known as Fake Up concealer

On days when my skin is looking dull and I feel like it's dry, this is the concealer that I go for. This concealer infused with Vitamin E and apple seed extract hydrates the skin. Aside from that, it conceals dark circles, too, so you get the best of both worlds with the Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer. It feels super lightweight and gives that sheer, natural coverage.

During the launch at the Benefit Robinson's Magnolia branch, I was advised to use this first if you want to hydrate the skin then apply on top any of the other Boi-ing concealers for additional coverage. It's actually what I do sometimes in my makeup routine. Fake Up concealer first (now Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer) then I apply another concealer with fuller coverage and the result is perfect!

I am shade No. 2

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer (Php1,200)

This is the newest addition in this line! When I arrived at the Benefit store, this was the first concealer that I checked out. The term "airbrush" just got me real quick! As a makeup artist, I know how flawless an airbrush makeup looks like so I was drawn to this concealer. This soft-focus, lightweight concealer covers, blurs, and smooths imperfections just like what a filter does to a photo. So yes, this is your "real-life retouch"! This waterproof concealer has a sheer-to-medium coverage.

I am shade No. 2

Snappies from the event!

Every kikay girls' dream locker room!

Drooling right now!

While having my "graduation photo" taken. Thanks for the picture, Kim! :)

So, which concealer do you want to try? I'm guessing ALL! They're all worth a try. Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Philippines. As you can see in the photos above (especially the food images, tee-hee), I had so much fun at the event!

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines
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