Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Aryana Beauty & Body Wellness Clinic Grand Opening!

Last month, Aryana Beauty & Body opened their Wellness Clinic at Sucat, Parañaque City. The owner personally invited us, me and my friends (The Glam Fam) to celebrate with them and to try out their various services.

I was really excited since I've heard good news on their other products and I've tried a couple of them, too. My personal favorite is the Bleach Please Diamond Peel because it is very easy and convenient to use. Anyway, let me show you what you can find inside the Aryana Beauty & Body Wellness Clinic.

To be honest, the place is quite small but they have complete facilities. As you enter the clinic, you'll find the receiving/waiting area and on your right, you'll find the counter.

All of their products are displayed beautifully at the receiving area. It's like a heaven for skin care and extra points because the design of their products are really catchy, you can't help not to check them out. Plus the names are really fun and witty. ;)

Then behind this divider full of these Aryana goodies, you'll find the working area. It's where all the magic happens! Like what I've said, it's quite a small area but they have everything you'll need for their services.

Now, about their services and rates. Usually when you think about wellness clinics, you'll think it's going to be expensive. Girl, this wellness clinic is very affordable BUT, even though it's affordable as hell, IT'S NOT CHEAP. They offer services where they use quality products and high-end technology. Not convinced? Here's the list of their services.

See? For Php299, you get to experience their signature facial procedure already! When we visited ABB Wellness Clinic, the only service I've tried was their Facial with Diamond Peel but my other friends tried their other services such as the famous Haifu Fat Killing Technology. We were all blown away because after the session, they already got results!

Here's my Facial with Diamond Peel experience.

Before the procedure! Hahaha.

First step, applying Bleach Please Diamond Peel on the face. Well, technically, first step is cleansing the skin. They make sure that your skin is clean and free from other products before commencing the procedure.

After rinsing off the Bleach Please, they applied this gel on my face for prep before the facial cleaning/pricking. I'm telling you, every step is absolutely pampering!

Next up, steaming to open the pores.

The actual facial cleaning to remove those sebums and other impurities. Ugh!

Then the Diamond Peel!!! It's actually like a facial vacuum, same feeling for me.

And finally, they used this derma wand to close my pores.

AND VOILA! Here's my fresh and super clean face!!! I'm telling you, I felt really good after the procedure and my skin felt and looked supple and smooth.

I got mini bruises on the sides of my nose due to the pricking but it did not hurt and the redness was gone after a few hours.

You know what's great about the ABB Wellness Clinic? Aside from their quality services and products and their affordable rates, they also have a group of very friendly and accommodating staffs. Everyone is so fun to work with, you will really feel at home. Even the owner herself is very approachable and down-to-earth!

With the owner, Ms. Aryana Lopez! :)

with The Glam Fam and fellow vloggers

with Ompong, Charlie, Ate Martha, and Kylie

With Shek of Shek's Diary :)

With Lace of BeeBeeLace PH and also one of Aryana Beauty & Body's ambassadors :)

with Johnrey, also Aryana Beauty & Body's ambassador, and Kylie

Half of The Glam Fam with Madam Aryana :)

So, yes! It was such a fun and very pampering day for all of us. I think the only downside for me is that the place is too far from me. I'm from Quezon City, sad. :( But actually, some of my friends who are from the North regularly visits the ABB Wellness Clinic because they really love their services and staffs. I will definitely visit soon when the time permits me to. So, for the people from the South, you might want to visit the ABB Wellness Clinic for high quality but affordable wellness services! ;)

Don't forget to visit Aryana Beauty and Body on Facebook for updates and more information about their products and services.


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