Tuesday, September 3, 2019

BRTC Introduces 'Skip-Care'

BRTC is now in the Philippines! The famous Korean derma-cosmetics brand, Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics (BRTC) was officially launched in the country a couple of weeks ago. The brand is not actually new to some local consumers as BRTC is already well-known here and a lot of skin care enthusiasts, especially K-beauty lovers, have tried some of the brand's products. Well, it just became more interesting because BRTC carefully curated its initial line-up with products that are made for Filipino skin.

What you first need to know about BRTC is that all of their products contain Blue Phyto Complex™ which is a patented vegetable ingredient from lavender, chamomile, and other blue plants known for their soothing and healing power. This is actually one of the reasons why I admire the brand. Their products are made with natural ingredients combined with the power of Science. I personally enjoyed the talk of Mr. Jason Park, General Manager of Global Sales & Strategy Team from AMI Cosmetics, during the launch. According to him, they give keen attention to research and development in their centers in Jeju. They produce products using only natural ingredients and they now have 130 more registered patents.

Friday, March 8, 2019

REVIEW: VNM Naturals Toners | Rosewater + Aloe Soothing Toner and Cucumber + Guava Leaf Skin Clearing Toner

Ever since I consulted a dermatologist years back about using toners, it made me use them less. She said that if your skin doesn't necessarily need a toner and if you don't see much of a difference when you use it or not, it's okay to skip it. Well, not totally ditch it but if you use a toner everyday day and night, you can use it every other day or if you want to use it everyday, do it only once in a day.

Toners are still important because it balances your skin's PH level but since that dermatologist told me I don't really need it that much, I decided to just use toners once a day. Particularly, every night only. I also realized after talking to the dermatologist that not all the toners that I've used really made a difference on my skin. Some did but some? Well, you can say that it was just another added step to my previous skin care routines. I can count with my fingers just how many toners I've tried that actually worked on me and when I say "worked", I meant I really saw a good effect that it did on my  skin.

Recently, I started using these toner mists from VNM Naturals. It's been quite a while since I discovered toners that would make it on my favorites list. I fell in love with the VNM Naturals toners because of its benefits for the skin and the fact that you can use it as a toner and as a mist.

Product Name: VNM Naturals Happy Pores Toner
Price: varies on the toner variant
Available at: www.vnmnaturals.com

Saturday, March 2, 2019


When buying makeup removers, what I always look for first is its capacity to remove even the stubborn waterproof makeup such as eyeliners, mascaras, and even eyelash adhesives! In my years of doing makeup and trying various makeup removers, I find that the oil-based ones are the best as they completely melt off the makeup. However, some oil-based makeup removers can be quite greasy and sometimes it makes my eyes feel a little heavy because some of the oil can get in.

But yes, I prefer oil-based makeup removers because they are easier to use but I would prefer those that are lighter and gentler on the skin. In my opinion, the best one so far is the Garnier Micellar Water with Argan Oil.

Product Name: Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water
Price: Php149 (125ml), Php349 (400ml)
Available at: (online exclusive) Beauty MNL, Shopee, Lazada

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Product Review: La Doctress Cloud Blush

It seems like people are more and more getting interested with makeup here in the Philippines. What's good is that we seem to be open to try various styles of makeup may it be Western makeup looks, Korean makeup, or even drag makeup! But what I noticed is that the most common looks we are all interested with are glam makeup (the Instagram makeup as what others call it), Korean makeup (with matching glass skin effect), and the natural "gandang pulbo at lip tint" looks.

That natural makeup look appears to be more popular nowadays because first, it's easy to do, second, you'll need less products, and third, it just gives you that fresh and simple look, perfect for everyday. With this makeup trend getting more famous, I also noticed that some people umped up their "gandang pulbo at lip tint" game by doing the drunk blush method. Personally, I love that style, too. It looks cute and makes me feel prettier! :D There are different ways to achieve drunk blush but I find that cream blush is the perfect product to do it. Since water tints set more easily, I prefer cream blushes because you can control the blending and create the perfect drunk blush look.

I've tried a few cream blushes from the beauty market but I recently discovered the La Doctress Cloud Blush Tube.

Product Name: La Doctress Cloud Blush Tube
Price: Php190/tube
Available at: Kalm Cosmetics