Friday, May 25, 2012

Arabian Eyes - DulceCandy87's Contest!

Hi everyone!

So, a week ago I found out that DulceCandy87 (on YouTube) is hosting a contest as a celebration for having over 600,000 subscribers in YouTube! It's insane, isn't it? I got really excited because she's one of the best YouTube gurus that really inspire me. I also love her sense of fashion, I know most of you would agree. Anyway, I decided to join her contest because it is very interesting and looks like a lot of fun because you get to copy of of her tutorials, may it be hair tutorial or makeup tutorial. Of course, I chose the makeup tutorial and I picked her Arabian Eyes video tutorial. It was pretty simple actually but looks really magnificent! The colors attracted me and dramatic looks always get me so I did this one.

In her video, she only showed the eye makeup tutorial but to complete the whole look, I showed in my video the blush and lip color that I chose to pair the eye makeup.

Rockin' the Arabian eyes! ;-)

Here's the original Arabian Eyes by DulceCandy87:

Isn't it amazing? Watch mine below:

What do you think? Did I do justice on the look? Yay I'm so excited! The prizes are so awesome so if I were you, I would join. Click HERE to watch DulceCandy87's video about her 600,00 plus subbies contest.

If you're wondering what are the products that I used to copy Dulce's Arabian Eyes, here's the list:

ELF Eyelid Primer
Ever Bilenna Mousse Eyeshadow in Opal
Fashion 21 Color Set
ELF Beauty School 32-pieces Eyeshadow Volume II
88 Colors Palette
G-Lish Cross The Line eyeliner palette
Maybelline Crayon Liner in black
Faux Lashes
Etude House Oh M'ye Lash

4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink Forever Liquid Foundation in No.01
4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink BB Powder in No.02
Fanny Serrano Two Way Powder in Rajah
4U2 DreamGirl Shining Thru Cheek Blush

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Natural

That's it! Hope to win regardless of the prizes at stake! Winning Dulce's contest will be super awesome!

Talk soon! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream

Last October, I went to Human Nature Cainta, Rizal branch and found out about their night cream. I got really interested to the product because it says 100% Natural plus the seller told me that it's really good especially if you also use the day cream. I didn't buy the day cream though because I still have my daily moisturizer then. I only bought the Moisturizing Night Cream (I bought 2 bottles) and it was actually my first ever night cream to use. I usually use at night the same moisturizer I use during the day time. One bottle (50 ml) costs 120 pesos.

Human Nature is known for their 100 % Natural ingredients and 100% no harmful chemicals. That's really awesome so I decided to try out their Night Cream. It was my first Human Nature Product along with the Peppermint with Calamansi conditioner that I bought the same day I purchased the night cream. I was really excited to try out the night cream so that night when I got home, I used the night cream before going to bed.

PRODUCT NAME: Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream
PRICE: PhP 120.00
SPOTTED: Human Nature Cainta, Rizal branch

The packaging is a plastic bottle that comes with a pump. Each pump dispenses a pea-size amount of the night cream. I use 3 pumps for my face and neck. Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream is 100% natural and it contains plant collagen. According to the description at the back of the bottle, plant collagen infuses skin with maximum moisture. It says that this night cream will help stimulate the regeneration of your skin and infuses it with maximum moisture while you sleep.

When I first tried the night cream, I was disappointed with the pump because it did not work. Good thing I bough two bottles. I quickly tested the other pump if it's working and fortunately it did because that would really suck if it also didn't. Anyway, I pumped the bottle 3x and thought that's just an enough amount of product for my face and neck.

When I applied the night cream all over my face, I thought it was greasy and oily. I'm about to make a decision that I wouldn't continue using this anymore but eventually, the cream dried out. Not really dry like matte, it's still a bit greasy but not that oily. I thought, maybe I'll have a very oily face in the morning because the product is really greasy. To my surprise! My face wasn't oily! It says on the bottle that the night cream will give you a refreshed, healthy glow the morning after. I sure didn't feel refreshed after waking up but my face wasn't oily and doesn't look tired at all. It's like my skin is glowing. I mean, it's like I didn't just woke up (not unless you look into my eyes then you'll know that I just got out off bed!).

Photo taken after applying the Moisturizing Night Cream. I'm sorry I don't have a morning-after photo for this one so I'll just show you a different morning-after photo below. Anyway, notice in the photo how oily my face was?

This is just one of my morning-after photo. I don't know if you can clearly see it but my face wasn't oily and I looked fresh in this photo despite of those icky blemishes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's pretty amazing but the thing is that, I'm still not that satisfied. It's like I still want to look for other night creams to compare and see the differences. Overall, Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream is a good product. I definitely recommend this to people with tired skin and to those of you who have sensitive skin since this is 100% natural. Will I repurchase? Sure!

Human Nature has many branches and they sell online so, if you want to purchase and try out this night cream, visit their website or Facebook page to know how to order and to know their other store locations.

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Top Summer Essentials 2012

Hi everyone!

It's already past mid-summer here in the Philippines and I can really say that this past month, the weather here in the Philippines is hot as hell! Sometimes, the heat is intolerable and I can't really stand it that's why I always stay inside an air-conditioned room or I use two electric fans just to ease the sizzling feel coming from the Sun. But you know, there are a few products that can also help you overcome and fight the heat of Summer. Let me share you my top favorites.

You can watch the video here:

1. Bath Origins Mint Hand and Body Wash
- The cooling sensation and the relaxing feel that this body wash gives really help ease the heat of the summer. The scent is a mixture of rosemary and peppermint and it is very calming and it leaves my skin feeling smooth after each use. I got this for 200 pesos at SM North Edsa.

2. Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash
- This light facial wash contains natural tea tree and peppermint oils that treats your skin and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and cool. I've been using this for many months now and this is one of my favorite facial washes because it's mint and I love minty products! This is available at Watsons for 189 pesos.

3. Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock with SPF 30
- Now, we all know that most sunblocks have very thick consistency and it is very greasy and sticky when you apply it especially when you perspire. This sunblock lotion is amazing because it has a non sticky formulation so it is easily absorbed by the skin. It won't leave your skin feeling all sticky even when you sweat like crazy. I got this for 279.75 pesos at Watsons. Also available in groceries and drugstores.

4. Glam Works Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion
- This is the best lotion for me ever! It's very affordable yet its quality is so awesome! It's moisturizing but when you apply it on your skin, it's as if you did not even apply anything on your skin at all. It's like water because it dries up quickly so it won't make your skin all greasy unlike other body lotions. It doesn't contain any SPF though so I only use this when I stay in the house. It's also such a steal since you can get this 400 ml body lotion for only 79 pesos! This is available in raspberry, avocado, and papaya at Watsons.

5. Celeteque Dermo Science Sun Care Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15
- This is my favorite moisturizer of all time. Not just during Summer, but of all time! It contains SPF so it protects your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. It is also very moisturizing but it is easily absorbed by the skin so your face wouldn't look greasy or oily after application. It is also a very friendly moisturizer because it's non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and fragrance free.

6. Eskinol Ice Pore Minimizer Facial Deep Cleanser with Ice Cool Actives
- This is the second Eskinol toner that I have tried. The first one is the Pimple Fighting one but since this one contains ice cool actives and minimizes pores, I decided to use this first. This toner+facial cleanser really helps ease the heat of the weather because it leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. Also, heat opens up your pores so this is a really good essential to keep you company this Summer because it helps minimize pores. I got this for only 89 pesos for 225 ml.

7. Maybelline BB Cream in 02 Natural
- I totally forgot to show this in my video but this is also a part of my Summer essentials. During the Summer, I usually don't wear a lot of makeup. I like skipping foundation and just conceal problem areas and set with powder. But since this BB cream contains SPF 26, I wear it when I go out... plus it's really light so it's like you have nothing heavy on your face when you use it. The best thing is that, although the consistency is really light, it conceals minor imperfections and the finish is flawless. You can get this for only 249.00 pesos.

8. Lip Balms!
a. Maybelline Baby Lips in Revitalizing Menthol
- I love using this because it's moisturizing, it's mint and it contains SPF 20.
b. Myra E Lip Balm VitaMoisture
- I also love this lip balm from Myra E because it's really moisturizing, contains SPF and Vitamin E so it's a really good lip care. But I got to say that I love the Maybelline Baby Lips more because of its flavor. I love minty flavors! Can't get enough of them talaga!

That's it! Please do share your own Summer essentials, too. I'd love to know and try them out as well. Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Color My Lips: Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in SUMMER SUNSET

Hi everyone!

I'm back with a new Color My Lips tutorial. This time, I featured the Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Exteme Lip Color in Summer Sunset (whew!). It's a very beautiful and pigmented red lipstick which, by the way, is one of my favorite lipsticks ever. In this post, you'll not just see the look I created using the said lipstick but I will also do a review about it.

I got this months ago and I can say that it's actually love at first try! The color is just amazingly pigmented. It's very rich and moisturizing on the lips. One thing though that I hate about this lipstick is its scent. I got this for only PhP 210.00 because Maybelline was on sale the day I bought this. The original price is PhP 299.00.

PRODUCT NAME:  Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Summer Sunset
PRICE:  PhP 299.00
SPOTTED:  SM North Edsa, Watsons

I'm in love with this not just because of its color and not just because it's from Maybelline. I love RED color, that's a fact but that doesn't mean I would collect any red lipsticks out there without knowing if they are actually worth my hard-earned money. I'm in love with this lipstick because of the richness of its color and its staying power. Let me show you 3 different photos taken from two different events that will prove the power of the color's longevity.

This is the first photo. This was taken last December. I was on my way to a makeup gig that time. This photo was taken 2 hours after the application. The color was still very pigmented and no trace of bleeding.

Not yet convinced?

Take a look at the second photo. The event was my aunt's 60th birthday party and they wanted a 50's theme so my cousins and I decided to sport red lips and vintage hairstyles. Anyway, this photo was taken before the party started at around 6 in the evening.

This is the third photo. This was taken before the party ended at around 11 in the evening. Amazing huh? I apologize for the bad quality of the photo pala. :)

I did not even re-apply my lipstick during the party because we were so busy taking care of the event since we're a part of the organizing committee because the occasion was actually a surprise party for my aunt so we needed to help out our cousins, her children, with the party preps and managing the whole event.

My experience with Summer Sunset during my aunt's party made me love it more. I'd always reach for it whenever I want to wear red lips. I have also used this in two of my video tutorials.

The first one is my Holiday Makeup Look Part III, Classic Red Lips and Sultry Eyes. 

You can watch the video here:

The second tutorial is my latest one. It's my second video for my one of my segments in my YT channel which is the Color My Lips. I paired the look with a simple gold eye makeup.

Here's the video tutorial:


Maybelline BB Cream in 02 Natural
L.A. Girls Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Pure Beige
Fanny Serrano Two Way Powder in Organza
Fanny Serrano Two Way Powder in Rajah
Wet N Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in Strike A Pose Rose

Nichido Mineral Spot Concealer in Neutral
In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in Eyebrowns
ELF Eyelid Primer
L.A. Colors Jumby Eye Pencil in Desert Sun
ELF Beauty School 32 Pieces Eyeshadow Palette Volume II
Maybelline Impact Express felt tip liner
Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
Etude House Oh M'ye Lash

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color in Summer Sunset

This lipstick is definitely on my top list! Here's a list of my PROS and CONS:

- Highly pigmented
- Moisturizing
- Affordable
- Awesome staying power

- I really can't stand the scent

That's it! I definitely recommend this lipstick especially to those who are looking for a red lipstick for everyday use and I will definitely repurchase this lipstick.

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bath Origins Mint Hand and Body Wash

Hi everyone!

I found my newest favorite body wash! You know, wandering around the mall or somewhere else is a good thing because you get to experience and discover new things. :)

Last week, I found this hand and body wash by Bath Origins at SM North Edsa. Bath Origins is located in front of the entrance of the department store on 2nd floor, in front of Tokyo Tokyo and Max's restaurant. I always see the Bath Origins stall whenever I pass by that area. There are a few different stalls there of random stuff. I always ignore Bath Origins because I thought they are just a store of linen sprays and aroma therapy scents like pot pourri and the likes. Then recently, my boyfriend found a new E-Cigarette store near Bath Origins. While I was waiting for him, I visited every stalls and checked out their products. I discovered that Bath Origins also sells perfumes, body scrubs, sanitizers, body wash, etc. The Mint Hand and Body wash instantly caught my attention because of the word "mint" because I do love minty products! I opened the lid and sniffed and the scent is hellah relaxing! I asked the seller about it and she said it softens your skin so I decided to buy one and try it out. This is the smallest bottle (300 ml), by the way. They also have this in half a liter and 1 liter.

PRODUCT NAME:  Bath Origins Mint Hand and Body Wash
PRICE:  PhP 200.00 / 300ml
SPOTTED:  SM North Edsa, 2nd floor

As you can see in the photo above, it contains rosemary and peppermint. I guess those two make a good combination because the scent is terrific! It's really relaxing even just by smelling the bottle. After buying it, I cannot wait to go home and try it out. Luckily for me, I really have to use it since I came all the way from Tagaytay and we had a 2-hour long commute so I could really use a nice relaxing shower that time.

While using it, it's as if I was at a Spa because the scent. It's really relaxing and kind of therapeutic, at least for me. Of course, I had to see if it will really leave my skin feeling smooth and soft or if it will dry out my skin. Voila! I love it! My skin felt smooth, soft, and refreshed after I used it. Since then, I never enter the bathroom without it! Haha! I really fell in love with it. It's also a great essential to use this Summer since it has a cooling sensation and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and cool... plus it's affordable at only PhP 200.00.

- I love it's minty scent and feel!
- Relaxing scent
- Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft
- Affordable


I really love, love, love this body wash! It's actually a part of my Summer Essentials which I will be posting real soon. If you happen to visit SM North Edsa, try to visit Bath Origins and check out their products. Their body scrub looks very promising, too and the scent is just divine. I think I will buy that next. :)

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: 4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink Emotion Eyebrow Pencil

Hi everyone!

I recently found a new awesome eyebrow pencil and it looks super cute and girly! The eyebrow pencil is from 4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink called the Emotion Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Natural Brown. Well, I think they only have 1 shade, not sure though. I have been eyeing this pencil ever since 4u2 cosmetics overhauled their dreamgirl line and last week I finally got the chance to buy it. Everything from the said line is in pink which is really catchy especially to those who love girly stuff and are obsessed with pink! 

PRODUCT NAME: 4U2 DreamGirl Love Pink Emotion Eyebrow Pencil
PRICE: PhP 164.00
SPOTTED: Watsons / SM Department Stores

This eyebrow pencil reminds me of Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow pencil because they are both light and give natural-looking brows. The Emotion Eyebrow Pencil doesn't come with a spoolie though unlike the EH Drawing Eye Brow. Also, 4U2's eyebrow pencil is a bit creamier than EH's Drawing Eye Brow.

The eyebrow pencil is retractable which is awesome and the packaging is made up of plastic.

As you can see in this photo, the swatch is very sheer and light. I glided the pencil 2x on the back of my hand and that's how it looks like.


Here, left brow's already done and the right one's obviously untouched. You can see the difference although the  left brow still looked natural even after filled in with the brow pencil.

Both eyebrows done!


The photos are worth a thousand words! You can see in the photo how the Emotion Eyebrow Pencil looks like on an actual human eyebrows. I love this pencil! So far, it's my second favorite eyebrow pencil, first is still Etude House Drawing Eye Brow.

- Effect looks natural
- Not that creamy, not that stiff
- Waterproof
- Stays on for long hours
- Affordable
- Retractable, very convenient to use
- Catchy packaging

- only 1 shade is available in the store
- packaging is not that sturdy

I love doing my eyebrows that's why I love trying on new and different eyebrow products. It's great to find another awesome eyebrow pencil like this --- affordable but has good quality and the packaging is really a plus factor. Yay! Got another addition to my eyebrow kit collection. ;-)

*4U2 is available at SM Department Stores beauty section / Watsons outlets*

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)

My Summer Face Routine

Hi everyone!

I know it's been a while but blogging was pretty difficult for me these past weeks since I am now staying in Manila and the internet connection there is just too slow. We have yet to switch to another company. I only get to blog and upload videos in YouTube when I am in Tagaytay and yes, you guessed it correctly, I am here in Tagaytay right now while writing this blog. ;-)

So, I just want to share with you my Face Routine Summer Edition since it's already mid-Summer here in the Philippines. By the way, the weather here in PI is insanely and annoyingly HOT! It's driving me and everyone else hellah crazy! There are times that I cannot really stand the heat like I'm about to explode! Anyway, going back to the face routine, the products are not much actually and no big changes from my original and regular face routine.

Watch the video here:

Here are the products featured:

1. Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash (with natural tea tree and peppermint oils)
- If you follow me, then this product is surely familiar already. I have already featured this in my previous posts and videos and I even have a blog review about this one. I love using this during the Summer because it has a cooling sensation so it helps eases the intolerable heat because it gives you that cool and refreshing feel.

2. Eskinol Ice Pore Minimizing Facial Deep Cleanser with Ice Cool Actives
- The reason why I love using this cleanser this Summer is because it also has a cooling sensation. It's really cool!!! You can still feel it's cooling sensation even after applying your moisturizer. I used to use the Pimple Fighting one but I switched to this first because it helps minimize pores and since it's Summer, the heat will just let your pores open and get bigger so this is such a great product to use during the Summer. Plus it also leaves your skin feeling refreshed and cool.

3. Celeteque Sun Care Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15
- This is just the same with Celeteque's famous facial moisturizer with SPF 15. I guess they just added some ingredients that will help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. This is my most favorite moisturizer of all time especially this summer because it has SPF, it's noncomedogenic, hypo-allergenic, non-greasy or non-sticky, and it's easily absorbed by the skin. It's as if you didn't apply anything on your face after using it but it will definitely leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

4. Maybelline New York B.B. Cream in 02 Natural with SPF 26
- I rarely go out since March so that means I rarely apply makeup on but whenever I go out and want to doll up, I use this B.B. Cream from Maybelline. It's very easy to work with and it's perfect to use for Summer because it has SPF 26 and it's very light. The best thing is that, even though it's very light and the consistency is thin, it can really conceal imperfections on your face and definitely gives a flawless complexion plus it's affordable at the price of PhP 249.00.

5. L.A. Girls Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Pure Beige
- Concealer will always be a part of my life! Haha! :) This is still my favorite concealer because of its hi-def quality. Now, this doesn't contain any SPF at all but I like the fact that it's matte so it should help control the oiliness of my face.

6. Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Organza
- Actually, you can use any powder that you desire. I featured this because it's one of my favorite powders of all time because the coverage is awesome and it stays on for long hours even without foundation on.

7. Maybelline New York Baby Lips in Revitalizing Menthol
- Let me make it quick why I love this: It's moisturizing, it's minty and it contains SPF 20.

That's all of it! I hope you can also share your Summer Edition face routine.

Stay awesome and accomplish your missions! :)