Monday, December 23, 2013

A Fresh Start with Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014!

One thing that many of you don't know is that I'm attracted to cutesy things like fun, girly notebooks, notepads, memo notes, stickers, and the likes. I even have a stationery collection and I'll show it to you some other time. I don't know why but I love stuff like that and I used to buy notebooks just because they're cute and guess what? I wouldn't even use it. Hehe! Or I'll just write on the first few pages then that's it. I just keep them in my drawers or somewhere else or worse, I'd just place it anywhere then I'd totally forget about it until I lose them. I even remember buying an expensive furry notebook just because it's so soft and cute! It costs Php700.00 and I didn't even think twice, I just bought it! That was way back in High School. Hehe! I just have a thing for those stuff. I even buy planners and journals even though I don't really use them because I'm not that kind of girl who keeps an organizer and brings it anywhere she goes just to keep track of everything. However, after the big breakup that happened between me and my ex-boyfriend a couple of months ago, I realized that I've been losing track of a lot of things these past years and after a lot of thinking, I thought that maybe it's time to organize everything. Not to be uptight or anything, but I just think that it can help me become more responsible and better. Oh yes! I did breakup with my boyfriend of 5 years and I'm not embarrassed to say it. My life's an open book. Sharing it and letting it all out actually helps in moving on --- A LOT.

After that sad, sad separation, I reevaluated everything and prayed a lot. So many realizations and I am really grateful to God for opening up my eyes and not letting me be miserable and devastated for a long time. I'm not yet that okay but I'm already okay now. I think you know what I mean! :) After the breakup, I changed my lifestyle because like what I've said, I think I lost track of everything and lost interest in a lot of things. I even forgot taking care of myself and the people around me. He was my world and now he's gone. But it's okay because I think it shouldn't be like that. I should care for myself first. So now, I am already trying to live a healthy life, trying to be more responsible with my studies and with my job as a beauty blogger and a freelance makeup artist. I realized that because of loving my ex so much, I've already forgotten that I still have a lot of things around me that I love and many people that surrounds me who love me more than he did. To cut the story short, I decided that I'll be more organized and responsible in everything. This may sound cheesy or what, but I was actually planning to buy an organizer or a planner to start 2014 right when I got an email from Viviamo Inc. and I was so happy because they gave me a chance to have my very first Belle de Jour Power Planner! Just perfect timing! Thank You, God! :) They even gave me my BDJ lifestyle card 2014!

My sister is actually a BDJ user or a bella. She always buys her BDJ planners at National Bookstore and she carries it anywhere she goes because unlike me, she loves writing in journals and jotting down plans and all. But now, I think I'm already going to be like her. I need to have a fresh start.

What's awesome about the BDJ Power Planner is that it's not like any other planners with just mere pages of notes with date and calendars on it. This power planner is one of a kind. It has a lot of perks and contains different interesting pages! Let's see what's inside it!

The BDJ Power Planner looks like a book! :)

On the first page, you'll find this very inspiring quote by Harriet Tubman. :)

As I was scanning the pages of the planner, this is the first thing that really caught my attention since I am a beauty blogger. Now I can list here my blog ideas and can keep track of what article should I write next.

Every year, we set new goals. It's cool that we can write it down on this page to remind us that we should persevere to reach our short-term goals. I think the feeling will be priceless when we check back on this at the end of the year and see that we've accomplished all the things that we'll be listing here. :)

The Dream Board! This is one of my favorite parts of the planner because it reminds me of an inspirational board. I might even paste photos/images here! Oh, it's going to be so much fun! :)

Here are some different ideas that you might want to consider doing this coming year. You can even add your own to-do list if you want to. :)

Of course, the awesome coupons!!! These are just a few of the 70+ coupons that you can use throughout the year!

Menstrual tracker!!! At least you can now be prepared for the monthly red alert! :)

My Healthy Plan! Since I'm now trying to be more healthy, I think this is going to help me a lot.

BDJ Power Planner contains different articles for every month, too and the July article caught my attention the most because, like what I've said, I am now trying to live a healthy life. :)

There are times when I ran out of money and I don't even know where the hell did it disappear to so the Cash Flow Tracker will be a big help for me! :)

Crafty stickers! :)

The BDJ Power Planner Lifestyle Card 2014

These are just a few of the pages of the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014! A lot of interesting stuff and perks! My new journey is going to be great, I just know it! I'm so glad to jumpstart 2014 to an awesome beginning and I will make my life a masterpiece by living a healthier life, setting good examples, doing what I love to do (makeup, of course) and being closer to God. :)

The BDJ Power Planner 2014 costs P598.00. You can even have it customized and have your name printed on the cover. You just have to add another hundred, I think? You can visit them on Facebook, Belle de Jour Power Planner for more info and check out to sign up and see their other products. :) BDJ Power Planner 2014 is also available at National Bookstore and Fully Booked. :)

So, how about you? How are you going to jumpstart 2014? I hope we all make smart and awesome decisions! Good luck to a new year! God bless us all. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Awesome Makeovers!

Last week was the College of Arts and Sciences week at our school. Part of the CAS week celebration is the Search for the Mr. and Ms. Arts and Sciences. My former classmate, CJ Pineda, won the title Ms. Psychology last September so she got to represent the Psychology Department for the beauty pageant. I was her HMUA last September and last week, she hired me again to do her hair and makeup. :) And even though she did not win Ms. AS, we're still very proud of her!

Now, I just want to share with you her before and after photos! CJ is also a freelance model that's why she's used to people doing her makeup and hair. Walang arte, arte! :)

CJ in her formal wear:

Cutie CJ in her Cosplay getup! The highlight of the pageant was Cosplay that's why the contestants all ramped in their best anime/comic character costumes!

So, while I was doing CJ's hair and makeup, some of our professors came in and watch me do my thing! Haha! They were so amazed because they didn't know there's more to makeup than just applying lipstick and mascara! :) At the pageant, there will also be a contest for the best professors. Since our teachers saw my makeup work on CJ, they asked me to do the makeup of our professor, Ma'am Doris, who's going to represent the Psychology Faculty. Of course, I said agreed! Go PSYCH! :) Here is Ma'am Doris' transformation:

I'm so happy they all loved my work! I appreciate it a lot! Tanggal ang pagod ko! :) Oh, and I also want to thank my friend, Dane, for accompanying me that day and for being my dakilang P.A.! Hahaha! Love you, teh!

I vlogged that day, too! So if ever you want to watch us cheer for CJ, here's the video:

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

I'm on a role tonight! I haven't been blogging a lot lately because I'm more focused in doing videos for my YouTube channel. So now, I'm going to make it up by writing my second blog post for the night! :D

Last November, I received these Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palettes along with the other Avon Holiday Collection. The first thing that I noticed is that the packaging is very simple but I love that the cover has a window so you can already see what are the colors inside. When you open it, you'll find two dual-ended sponge applicators which I know most of us rarely use. Hehe! I got three palettes --- The Blues, The Metallics, and The Greens.

The Blues palette
- This is for perfect for sultry looks and for formal makeup looks. I like the variety of colors.

This is a look that I created using The Blues palette.

The Metallics palette
- This palette is more colorful than the other two palettes but even though it has bright colors, I love the gradient and I still think it is balanced because you have your light colors and dark colors.

The Greens palette
- I think this palette is perfect for this season! The brown and the green shades are my favorite!

Each palette has a mix of matte, shimmer, and satin eyeshadows. Most of the satin and shimmer eyeshadows have good color pay off but the matte ones are not that pigmented. The texture is silky when you touch it but some of them are quite chalky and powdery so they doesn't show up very well when you apply it on the eyelids. Some of the shades though are commendable because of the pigmentation and that what you see is what you really get.

If I have to rate this palette, I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. It's not the best but it's not bad as well. The Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette costs P499.00. Contact your Avon ladies/dealers to get your own palette. :)

Don't forget to like Avon Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram, @avonph.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Product Review: Glory of New York Heal Cream

Hi everyone!!!

Let me share with you the final product of the month for the year 2013! I chose the Glory of New York Heal Cream as December's product of the month because we've been using it a lot here in our house - me, my sister, my nieces and my nephew! The GNY Heal Cream really helped us in our skin issues. Lately, I've been having a lot of breakouts and so is my sister. And since my nieces and my nephew are already at their teen years, it's just normal for them to experience having pimples and zits! We all get to treat our skin problems with this awesome heal cream.

This Heal Cream has amazing anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, soothing, cooling and rejuvenating properties. It can be used freely even on the highly tender parts of the skin like under the eyes to remove dark circles. For acne, Heal Cream reduces inflammation and prevents scarring, black spots and blemishes. For minor cuts and wounds, this helps relieve irritation and its rejuvenating property promotes faster healing of the wound.

What's great about this product is that it's an all-in-one heal cream. It can be used to treat acne, wounds, burns, and other skin problems. You can also use this to soften rough and dry, scaly skin. Glory of New York Heal Cream's main ingredient is Aloe Vera which has been used and known for centuries for its hydrating, softening, and anti-inflammatory qualities. GNY Heal Cream is made from organically grown pure green natural leaves without adding any chemicals or additives.

It's a shame that I don't have any photos to support my testimonial but I am 100% a believer of this product. I've proven its amazing effect many times already. Whenever I'm breaking out, I would use this to clear the unwanted pimples right away. And surely, the next day, the pain will subside and the pimple will get smaller and will heal faster. When my skin looks dull and is looking dry and just unhealthy, I would use this every night to moisturize my skin and bring back its suppleness. As of the moment, my skin is not at its best because like what I've said, I've been having a lot of breakouts and small zits. Maybe it's because I'm releasing toxins since I'm already working out a lot now. So, to help my skin get better, I'm using the Glory of New York Heal Cream as my night cream. My sister and my nieces and nephew also uses this every night and we all love it!

At first, I was a bit skeptic to use it because the consistency is very greasy like you applied oil on your skin. It will eventually be absorbed by the skin but it takes some time. That's why I rarely use this at daytime or when I go out.

If you're oily and don't want the greasiness of this product, you can use the Glory of New York Aloe Vera All Skin Gel. It is best for people with oily skin because it can mattify the skin since it's in a gel form. But I've learned from the owners of Glory of New York that you can pair the Heal Cream with the Aloe Vera All Skin Gel. When my skin is really dry and whenever I have a lot of pimples on my face but I have to go out, I can't just not use my heal cream! So what I do is, I apply the Heal Cream on the affected areas and then let my skin absorb it for few minutes then I would apply the Aloe Vera All Skin Gel on top to mattify my skin and it works perfectly! It always does!

Glory of New York Heal Cream is available for both men and women. The one for men comes in a 150ml jar for P2,195.00 and the one for women comes in a 120ml jar for P1,440.00.

Visit Queen B. on Facebook now and I would recommend that you purchase your own GNY Heal Cream now because it's on sale! Queen B. is having a Holiday Sale so the one for men now costs only P1,500 and the one for women now costs only P1,150.00! What a steal! It may seem expensive but it's worth every penny. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10-Minute Smokey Eyes

Hi everyone!

I just want to share with you this very easy and simple brown smokey eyes that I did using my Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate Sensation! :)

When I first did this makeup look, I didn't film a tutorial for it but when I shared my photo on my Facebook page and personal account, people seemed to love it and requested for a video tutorial so I decided to recreate the look.

This is the first version:

And this is the recreated version:

I know the first look is more intense because of my contact lens. Also, on the second part, I winged the eyeliner a little so they may not look exactly the same but the I did the same eyeshadow works. I paired this smokey eyes with my Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey plus my Glory of New York Clear Gloss. In the video, you won't see how I applied foundation and how I did my eyebrows because I have separate videos for that. Click here to watch my foundation routine and here for my eyebrow routine. :)

Now, here is the makeup tutorial. Enjoy! :)


LA Girls Pro Primer
Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate Sensation
Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
Maybelline The Magnum mascara
Glory of New York Dual Powder in 36 (for contouring)
In2It Sheer Shimmer Blush in Pink Pearl
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
Glory of New York clear gloss

Hope you liked it!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks Review and Swatches

One of my favorite kinds of makeup is lipstick! I love playing with colors and I'm not afraid in trying different shades because it's just super fun! :) We have a lot of different awesome lipsticks in the beauty market and we all have our own favorites. Recently, I found my new favorite lipsticks --- the Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks! :)

Exclusive Chromapixel Technology blends chromatic pigments with color-matched magnifiers to intensity, highlight and reflect each shade's true color for mega definition, mega depth, and mega drama. (

The Avon Ultra Color Lipstick have new formulation that will make it appear true to its color. It's available in 12 different head-turning, vibrant colors! I have 5 rockin' shades, Knockout Pink, Dream Fuchsia, Lava Love, Crush, and Hibiscus.

All of the shades have rich color and most of them are highly pigmented! You actually get what you see from the lipstick tube with just one layer though few of the shades, like Hibiscus, need about two layers to really show its true color on your lips but it's not really a big deal. Also, some of the shades, like Dream Fuchsia and Knockout Pink, are a bit frosted when you look at it but not really dramatically. They just appear shinier on the lips.

Crush - This shade is my favorite among the 5 shades that I have! It's a berry color with rich pigmentation! I love it so much. Perfect for this Holiday season! :)

Lava Love - My next favorite shade! Most of you know how much I love the red! This may not be a perfect red but I like how it makes a simple look appear more lively. It's an orange-red color, like the color scarlet.

Dream Fuchsia - A gorgeous muted purple color!

Hibiscus - Now, this is something that most girls would love. First, it's pink and second, it's the shade of pink that you can wear for everyday looks! Although it's a bright pink shade, it's not too dramatic so it will look great whatever your complexion is.

Knockout Pink - A mauve shade that is perfect for everyday looks, too and for sultry makeup looks!

The Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks are very rich and creamy so it glides on smoothly on the lips. It's not really a moisturizing lipstick but it doesn't dry out my lips neither. It stays on for long hours but it doesn't really stay on the whole day. I'd say, about 3-4 hours. I also mentioned on my video that by the end of the day, the color fades out on the middle part of my lips so it may look like I only have a lip liner on the edge of my lips. It doesn't bother me, anyway. For its affordable price (P375.00), I think it's still commendable and pretty awesome! Oh, and if you're curious about the scent, it has a hint of vanilla scent but I don't really care about it because it's not too strong for me. :)

If you want to watch my video about these lipsticks, just click this thumbnail:

Click here to see the other Avon Ultra Color Lipstick shades. Don't forget to visit Avon Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram, @avonph! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)