Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Product Rave-iew: Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream

Hi everyone!

I just realized that I haven't written a review about this product yet. Though I have already uploaded a quick video review in my YouTube channel, I still want to share my two cents about the Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream here in my blog for my readers.

Pasjel is a famous skin care brand from Thailand which offers various skin care products such as whitening cream for underarms, for your body, and for your face. I got the Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream --- all thanks to Ms. Sheena of The Mestiza Hub! :)

The product is contained in a small plastic jar.

It's pretty small, it can actually fit my palm. The packaging reminds me of a lip balm. The jar only contains 10ml of the product. The consistency is very thin and can be easily absorbed by the skin, almost gel-like. It has a cherry scent which is a bit strong for my sister but I'm not really bothered by it.

This costs Php 650.00 and I think it's a little expensive considering how small the product is... but when I finally tried the product, I thought the price is just okay since the quality is really awesome.

This product claims that it can reduce pimples within 24 hours and can reduce blemishes within 1 week. It also claims to make your skin smooth and clear. Well, all I can say is that Pasjel is true to what they claim! I was really amazed because it can actually treat pimples overnight and it lightened my dark spots after several days. Oh, and yes, it can instantly leave you with smoother and softer skin.

Here's a before and after photo to support my testimonial.

The before photo was taken right after I applied the Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream and the after photo was taken on the very next day. As you can see in the photo above, my pimples near my lower lip and on my chin dried up already. The redness had already subsided. Impressive, huh? Though I just want to mention too that for bigger pimples or cystic pimples, it may take 2 days before it will dry up completely BUT it would subside overnight and it could lessen the pain.

Overall, I think this product is just amazing! I'm very impressed but I just wish that it will be available in a larger jar. Oh, well! I still love it! If you want to watch my video about this, here's the thumbnail:

If you want to get your own Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream, you can order from The Mestiza Hub on Facebook. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

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  1. Anong soap po ang gamit nyo nung nag-aapply kau ng pasjel cream? Kasi may dealer po na nagsabi sakin na kapag gagamit aq ng cherry tender dpat ay ung baby blink soap dw po gagamitin ko. I can't use any other soap dw po. ? Please reply. Tnx!