Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Brow Essentials!

Hi everyone!

A lot of people ask me how I do my eyebrows and what I use to redefine them. That's why I thought I'd share with you all of the eyebrow pencils, kits, and tools from my collection. You'll be glad to know that all of them are absolutely affordable and easy to spot! ;-)

Let's start with my eyebrow grooming tools:

1. Eyebrow Razor - I bought this fun-colored eyebrow razor from 7-11 for only PhP15.00! Can you believe it? And it comes with two razors. The other one is shorter than the one in the picture. This is what I use to shave and shape my brows.

2. Ace Tweezers - I forgot the exact amount of this tweezer but it's around PhP 80.00. Some may think it's a bit pricey but all of the cheaper tweezers I've tried before actually suck so I always settle for the more high-end ones. They can pluck even the shortest hair. I bought this from Watsons.

3. Saizen Strawberry Magnet Scissor - The reason why I bought this scissor is because I find it really, really cute! Isn't it? I love it so much! The fruit is actually the scissor's case and the leaf is the ears/handles of the scissor. I use this to trim my brows. I got this from Saizen for only PhP 85.00.

Now, here are the brushes I use to help redefine my eyebrows:

1. Marionnaud N38 Eyes - A dual-ended eyebrow brush which is actually a perfect tool for redefining your brows. The other end is an angled brush and the other end is a spoolie. Definitely one of my fave eyebrow brush and FYI, this is my first ever eyebrow brush!

2. Marionnaud Premium N9 Eyes - This brush is actually almost the same with the N38 Eyes but this belongs to Marionnaud's Premium line. The brush is a bit longer and the handle is all black. The angled brush is a bit stiffer than the N38 but it's still soft. The spoolies are just the same. *In the photo, there is no spoolie in the brush. It got loose and I lost it.*

3. Gita Angled Brush - I found this brush at Landmark, Trinoma and Gita is one of the most expensive brush brands there. I don't know where else you can find Gita brushes. Anyway, the bristles of this brush is actually stiff and a bit thick. I love using this brush to blend out eyebrow pencils especially the creamy ones.

4. Eyebrow Comb and Brush from Dollface Cosmetics 16 Pcs. Brush Set - Before I start grooming and filling in my brows, I comb them using this brush to keep the hairs in place.

5. Spoolie from Dollface Cosmetics 16 Pcs. Brush Set - Well, you know what is this for! But I don't only use this for my brows, I also use this on my eyelashes.

My Eyebrow Setter:

Daiso Clear Mascara - I got this from Saizen also for PhP 85.00. This is what I use to set/seal my eyebrows so that the hairs would stay in place.

My Eyebrow Pencils:

I have a few different eyebrow pencils from my makeup collection. I love collecting eyebrow pencils because I'm still searching for the best one. All of these are drugstore/affordable ones. I haven't used any from the high-end cosmetics yet but I will definitely try them soon. Let me show you my eyebrow pencils and how they look like on my brows.

1. Saizen Dual-Ended Auto Eyebrow Pencil - I love using this eyebrow pencil for natural/everyday looks because it gives my brows a light and natural look. The shade suits my hair color and the texture is not too creamy and not too stiff. The only downside is that the pencil lead is too thin so it might take you a while to fill in your brows.

2. Etude House Drawing Eyebrow - This is one of my favorite eyebrow pencils ever! Read my blog post here and watch my video review here to find out why! :)

*I forgot to take a photo of my brows with this eyebrow pencil. Please just visit the links.*

3. 4U2 Dream Girl Emotion Eyebrow Pencil - This eyebrow pencil is almost the same with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow but I like that better than this one because 4U2 Emotion Eyebrow Pencil only has one shade and it doesn't come with a spoolie. But this eyebrow pencil is also good. Nothing special, but pretty okay. I also did a review about this pencil.


4. Ever Bilena Ever Original in Brown - This is one of my first eyebrow pencils. The shade is a light brown color and the consistency is not too creamy. I don't actually use this alone to fill in my brows. I usually set it with a brow powder or eyeshadow with a color that matches my hair because using this alone on my brows would appear too fake.

5. Ever Bilena Kleopatra - This is the third eyebrow pencil from Ever Bilena that I've tried and what I can say is that this pencil is creamy so it's easy to blend but it's not smudge-proof so I usually set this with my brow powder. I love its color though because it's close to my current hair color.

6. Nichido Eye Pencil in Brown - This eye pencil is actually used for lining the eyes but since it is brown, it can also be used as an eyebrow pencil. It has a red undertone so I need to set it with my brow powder to neutralize the color and also, it has a creamy texture and it's not smudge-proof so I really need to set it to avoid boo-boos! But I like it! This is actually what I used at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo last week.

7. Nichido Extra Waterproof, Protective Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown - Now, this eyebrow pencil is super dooper creamy that it already looks harsh when used alone. In fact, it's too creamy that it already appears glossy like you have applied a petroleum jelly on top. I guess this would be perfect during the 40's! ;-) It is waterproof but it is not smudge-proof so I also set this one with my brow powder. The shade is a real dark brown color and I like it because I like sporting dark eyebrows.

8. San San Eyebrow Pencil in 02 - This is actually my most favorite creamy eyebrow pencil to use as a base. The shade is actually reddish brown but when set with my brow powder, it actually looks really nice on me. It's not really that creamy like the Nichido Extra Waterproof. It is actually more waxy in consistency and I personally like it. I might try the shade 03 next time.

9. Nature Republic Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow Pencil in 03 - This eyebrow pencil is the lightest out of all my eyebrow pencils. The lead is actually stiff so it's a bit difficult to glide it onto my brows and to show its real color. But I like it because it gives the most natural look for my eyebrows. I also did a review about this eyebrow pencil.


10. Nature Republic Pretty Tree Auto Eyebrow Pencil in 03  - I also got the shade 03 for this eyebrow pencil but the shade is different than the Pretty Tree Wood eyebrow pencil. This is way darker and is a bit creamier than the wood eyebrow pencil but I personally like this better because like what I've said, I love having dark eyebrows. Please refer to the links in the previous number to see my review.

11. NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown - This eyebrow pencil from NYX is really easy to blend and I love it! It is not creamy but it's actually waxy and I like it that way because creamy eyebrow pencils are more prone to smudging. Just be careful in applying this pencil because two strokes is actually enough to fill in your brows. Just use an angled brush to blend and even it out on your brows. I might order the brown or light brown one next time.

Finally, here's my go-to eyebrow kit:

In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in ER 01 Eyebrowns - This is the perfect eyebrow kit for me! It comes in three different shades and it already has a small angled brush. Some doesn't like the brush but I actually like it, it's pretty helpful. It doesn't really suck that much. This eyebrow powder is what I use for my everyday looks, dramatic looks, and other occasions! I use this to fill in my brows on regular days. I use this to set my eyebrow pencils to neutralize the color and avoid smudging. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I usually use the two darkest shades. I use the second color to fill in the the sparse areas and then I use the darkest shade on the tail-end of my eyebrows because it should be darker on that area and to really give a definition. Sometimes when I want to sport minimal makeup, I mix the lightest shade and the middle shade to fill in my brows.

After seeing all of my eyebrow essentials, let me tell you what are my favorites out of all those things I've shown you above.

For the eyebrow brushes:

I like the angled Gita brush because it does a perfect job on blending the eyebrow pencils. Next is my most favorite which is the Marionnaud N38 dual-ended eyebrow brush. It's the perfect eyebrow brush! You already have and angled brush and a spoolie. It's really all that you need.

And here is my favorite combination:

San San Eyebrow Pencil and In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil
I love thick and dark eyebrows and this two items really give me what I want for my brows! I love it!

That's all for my eyebrow essentials! I'll show you soon my current eyebrow routine. If you have any questions regarding the products I have shown you, do not hesitate to comment below. :)

Talk soon!

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)


  1. I use In2it too! I envy your brows though.. mine looks bleeeh! :P

    anyways.. i am a new follower! I hope you can check out mine too.

    ps. i am also having a birthday blowout! :) I hope you can check that out too. TIA! ♥

  2. Aww, thanks sweetie! Haha, I love that in2it powder!

    Thank for following, I have seen your blog na. :)

    Advanced happy birthday! <3

  3. Am also using in2it eyebrow powder.. Rave ko talaga lol

  4. I love marionnaud brushes too! Affordable but very useful. And i am buying that in2it brow powder! Thanks for the review!