Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Avon November Items!

Hello everyone!!!

I just want to share with you my new Avon Haul! We (Avon Makeup Council) got our Avon items for the month of November already and I want to show you the new lovely makeups that are perfect this Holiday and I can't wait to play with them! :)

We're actually supposed to have the new Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kits, too but unfortunately, it was out of stock at the branch where I picked up my Avon items so, to follow na lang yun. :) And it's okay because I was surprised by the number of lipsticks that I got and those Eye Duets! Ugh!!! Can't wait to use them all!!!

1. Avon 8 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette in The Blues (P349.00)

2. Avon 8 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette in The Metallics (P349.00)

3. Avon 8 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette in The Greens (P349.00)

4. Avon Eye Duets in Black Violet, Apricot Mist, Storm and Maize (P199.00 each)

5. Avon UCR Holiday Edition Lipsticks in Sparkling Ruby, Sparkling Pink, Sparkling Blush, Sparkling Mauve, Sparkling Peach, and Sparkling Warm Rose 

I can't wait to do different makeup looks using these new babies! Of course, reviews will be posted very soon!

Thank you so much, Avon Philippines!!!

Don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram, @avonph. :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013


One of the most difficult things in a makeup artist or a makeup junkie's life is cleaning their makeup brushes! It takes so much time and energy, including the cleaning, rinsing and drying part! It's a total pain in the butt! I usually spend 2-3 hours everytime I clean all of my makeup brushes. I tried different methods and different soap mixtures. I don't use fancy brush cleaners. I just use what's affordable that could clean my makeup brushes but wouldn't destroy the quality. I've tried shampoo, dishwashing soaps, and bar soaps. Shampoo is okay but it cannot completely remove the stubborn waterproof makeups from the brushes (i.e. foundation, eye pencils, lipsticks). Dishwashing liquid soaps and pastes are awesome in removing waterproof makeups but it can leave the bristles of the brushes coarse. So, what I do is, after cleaning my makeup brushes using a mixture if dishwashing liquid plus water, I soak the bristles in a mixture of water and fabric conditioner BUT NOT FOR LONG. I let them soak there for about a minute then I will immediately rinse it again then dry the bristles. A few months ago, I watched xteeener's video about cleaning her makeup brushes. I learned from her that you can add baking soda on your soap mixture to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes since it is an awesome cleaning agent. So since then up to this day, my soap mixture is composed of water, dishwashing liquid and baking soda. Then I still soak my brushes in water with fabric conditioner to keep the bristles soft (and fragrant, too)! :)

I don't know about you but in cleaning makeup brushes, two of the hardest parts are removing waterproof makeup and rinsing them. Some brushes just take too long before they are completely soap-free and there are times that I'm almost losing patience! Not to mention my hands and arms getting sore and numb and my skin wrinkles already from being wet for too long. I saw the Sigma glove cleaner and I am really upset of how expensive it is! It's insane! Thank God, I found secretlifeofabionerd who is amazing when it comes to DIYs! She did a very clever way in making a DIY brush cleaner dupe of the Sigma glove brush cleaner. Click here to watch the video.

Because I was amazed with her DIY brush cleaner, I tried to do it myself but I used a tupperware instead of a plastic clipboard. Like what secretlifeofabionerd did, I also drew squiggly lines on my base using a glue gun in different sizes and patterns AND VOILA!!!

Ever since I made this DIY brush cleaner, cleaning my makeup brushes became waaaaaaaaay easier! The textured lines really help clean my makeup brushes thoroughly and rinse them faster! It's so awesome, you should try it, too! :)

When it comes to drying my brushes, I just lay them all on a towel placed on a flat surface. I don't really mind anymore if they are not elevated since I pre-dry them anyway. However, I still elevate or place upside down those big brushes with tightly packed bristles so that they will dry faster. I hope you're getting what I'm saying. Hahaha!

Hope this helps! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Blazin' Black Lips

Can you rock this black lips? ;-)

It's just one of those moments when I don't have anything to do! ;-) I was looking through different makeup looks when I stumbled upon a model wearing black lips. Remember when I told you that when I want to do something so bad, I'd do it right away? Well, it happened again! :-D

I wanted everything to be black and just simple. So, I used black pencil on my brows, black liner and black mascara on my eyes and I used the black eye pencils on my lips, too! To make the look more fierce, I contoured my face heavily. :)


San San Soleil Matte Foundation + Glory of New York Tinted Moisturizer
Fashion 21 Loose Powder in No. 1
Glory of New York Dual Powder in 36 (for contouring)

Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean

I'll leave you with this quote that I read on Instagram:
"Don't judge me. My story is still being written --- and someday, I will tell it to the world." :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up Review and Swatches

I'm back baby dolls!!!

It's been a while since I last posted a product review and I feel really bad about it because there's just too many products to share with you guys! Anyway, I won't tell you the story why I've been MIA, instead, I will tell you my story about the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up! :)

I've had this foundation since last June and I started using this last July and I'm sorry if it took this long before I posted a review about it. Anyway, the first time that I tried it, I immediately fell in love with it. Since I have oily-combination skin, I love that it really provides a matte finish that you won't even be needing a powder to set it. However, since I am not comfortable without setting my foundation, I still set it with powder everytime I use it. Hehe! BUT I've tried to leave it just like that without setting it with powder and it still stayed on my face for long hours but of course, setting it with powder will help make it last even longer.

Packaging looks decent because the mousse make-up is stored in a small glass jar. It looked really nice when I opened it that's why it broke my heart when I first used it because I have to ruin the beautifully swirled mousse foundation. Hehe! It is thick and has a velvety, matte texture that gives a powdery but smooth finish. Actually, when you rub it against your skin, it will look like it's forming into small crumbles that's why I was a bit surprised when I first tried it but then as you blend it, you will get a smooth and matte finish.

I just have to warn you that this mousse foundation can accentuate dry skin because it has a very matte finish. That's why it can emphasize newly healed pimples and acne marks so you have to be conscious about that when you use this. So, yeah, I won't recommend this to people with dry skin. When it comes to coverage, it can provide light to medium coverage only. For me, one layer is already enough for everyday look but I'm telling you, it won't fully conceal imperfections on your face. It can't even conceal redness of the skin with just one layer. You'll be needing about two to three layers to fully cover the redness and dark circles. I've used this a lot of times already since it's my favorite everyday foundation as of the moment and I can say that it can't conceal pimple scars that well. And even though it lacks coverage, I still love it because I just love how it gives me that very natural-looking skin.

I've read somewhere that this is available in 8 shades but here in the Philippines, there are only 3 shades available. I got the shade Matt Ivory which I think is the lightest out of the three and it's a shade lighter than my original skin color. I got this when I attended the Color Society event last June so I wasn't really the one who picked this shade for me.

Let's now proceed to my usual test with photos taken chronologically.

1. This is how it looks like on my face with two layers. As you can see it is lighter than my skin color so I always use a darker shade of powder to neutralize the shade. You can also see that the finish is really matte, like I've already set it with powder but that's just the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-up alone. (Sorry for my sabog na kilay. Hahaha!)

2. Now, this is how it looks like after setting it with powder and after doing my full makeup. This was taken around 3:00pm.

3. Straight from school! I took this photo at around 8:00pm so about 5 hours had already passed. It still looked good but it started to fade around my nose already and there's a small creasing under my eyes, too.

4. After a total of 7 hours!!! The mousse foundation was already fading out on my nose and above my lips and it's already wearing off under my eyes. I did got oily, especially on the t-zone area, but very slightly. If you look on my cheek area, it still looks pretty matte.

VERDICT! It's great for everyday makeup looks and daytime looks only since it can't provide full coverage. Staying power is okay but not really that awesome but it's already good enough for me. This is priced for P289.00 by the way. If you're going to ask me to rate it, I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5 and it may seem like a low score but I actually love this foundation. Considering its price? Not bad! Not bad at all! :)

Let me know what do you think about the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-up if you've already tried it out.

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Search for the New 8 Maybelline BB Top Models is ON!

Last week, the Maybelline PR Kits were sent to the chosen bloggers and I was in our province that time so please excuse me if this post is a bit late. My Mom was the one who received the package.

Anyway, Maybelline proudly present to you the 8-in-1 BB Cream Collection!

MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth BB has sold over 30 million units in Asia and is one of the widely popular BB brands. Known for its 8 healthy benefits, the 8-in-1 BB Cream brightens, evens, smoothes, refines, clears, conceals, moisturizes and protects to give you perfectly flawless skin in an instant.


The MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth BB collection now has a total of three different formats in varying natural shades to perfectly suit the skin and lifestyle needs of every Asian woman.

BB STICK (for oily skin)

The first BB Stick with 12 hour anti-shine powder finish! With its silky smooth application, it gives you a shine free powder finish every time! ONLY P289! Available in shades Fresh and Radiance.

BB CREAM (for normal/dry skin)

Covers like foundation but doesn't cake, protects like sunblock but isn't sticky, and moisturizes like skincare without being oily! ONLY P259! Available in shades Fresh and Natural.

BB WHITE (Sun Protection with SPF 50)

Conceals and protects-the ultimate sun protection for brighter skin in just one step! ONLY P299! Available in shades Fresh and Natural.



Because MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB gives you perfect skin with its 8 healthy benefits, we’re looking for all aspiring models who believe they have what it takes to be one of 8 MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BB Top Models who will represent Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB in a photoshoot and win a P100,000 modeling contract with Ideal People Models.

Interested ladies ages 15 and above* can join via the 2014 BB TOP MODELS Application on the MAYBELLINE Philippines Facebook Page from November 4 to November 30, 2013. Candidates should provide the following for participation to be valid:
(1)  Headshot
(2)  Body Shot
(3)  One-sentence statement on why they believe they should be a MAYBELLINE BB Cream Top Model.

*Ages 15-17 are required to submit parental permission to participate.

·         8 winners will be named MAYBELLINE 2014 BB Top Models and be ambassadors for Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB for a year.
·         The highest scoring model will receive an exclusive 1-year modeling contract worth P100,000 with Ideal People Models, one of the country’s most reputable modeling agencies, while the runner up will receive a P50,000 contract.

Candidates should collect as many votes as possible for a chance to be part of the finals. Each voter is allowed to vote a candidate only once, and can vote for up to 10 candidates.

The top 30 candidates who get the most number of votes will be invited to a casting on December 6, 2013. The jury composed of representatives from MAYBELLINE NEW YORK and Ideal People Models will select the Top 8 winners.

I am absolutely excited about this model search because we, bloggers, get to help you out and mentor you in this competition!

If you are interested to join this search, let me know by sending me an email at ivsc1989@yahoo.com or send me a message on my Facebook page, Makeup by Bing Castro, so I can help you and give you some tips! This is going to be so much fun! When you join and submit your application on Maybelline Philippines' Facebook Page, please don't forget to write my name on the Mentor tab. Let me help you and please help me, too to win the blogger challenge! :) If my candidates will get the highest votes, I will be chosen as one of the top 3 bloggers! Oh, this is so awesome! Let's accomplish this mission!

Good luck in joining the competition and remember I'm here to help you, especially in campaigning your entry! ;-)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Asian Secrets Product Launch: NEW Lulur Indonesian Whitening Facial Scrub

*This is a late post. I apologize.*

Hi everyone! I just want to share with you my Spa experience with Asian Secrets. I was invited by the company last October 17, 2013 to attend their product launch and to experience one of their facial treatments at their Whitening Spa located at The Block SM North Edsa. It just opened last July 11, 2013 and has now made the Lulur ritual available to everyone.

I came there with my sister, the Queen B.! :)

So, what is this new product by Asian Secrets?

Following the success of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub is Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub, another breakthrough moisturizing and whitening scrub by Asian Secrets, now specially formulated for the face.

Asian Secrets Lulur scrubs are inspired by a most luxurious ritual used by Indonesian royalty called Lulur, originally intended for the bride-to-be to beautify, smoothen, and whiten her skin before her wedding day. Lulur originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and products inspired by this traditional treatment are still used by Indonesian women, and in specialty spas today. 

A tried and tested beauty secret, many users of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub have been clamoring for something that will give them the same effect on their face. Because the skin on the face is more sensitive, and requires special attention, Asian Secrets has come up with a formulation that is more delicate and yet equally effective in whitening and moisturizing facial skin.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub contains Bengkoang (Yam Bean in English or Singkamas in Filipino) a traditional Indonesian whitening ingredient. Bengkoang extract has natural whitening properties and can make skin look brighter and more radiant, contains vitamins C & E which are known as antioxidants that can fight harmful pollution from the environment to keep skin healthy.

Similar to the body scrub, it contains Lulur beads that gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to smoothen and give skin a radiant glow. It moisturizes and leaves skin with a light fragrant scent.

Why use Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub

Using Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub just 2-3x a week lightens the skin, making it fairer and whiter.  Women of all ages, especially busy women who are juggling family and household  responsibilities have little time to go to the spa for pampering and beauty indulgences.  Asian Secrets makes it easy and affordable to get that pampered glow right at home with Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub.

Benefits of using the scrub
·         Lulur beads gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to smoothen and give it a radiant glow.
·         It also moisturizes and leaves skin with a light fragrant scent.
·         Frequent usage lightens the skin, making it fairer and whiter.

How to use

Treat yourself to an indulgent Lulur facial right in your own home with Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub.

·           Put a small amount on your finger tips
·           Apply on dry face and massage in a gentle circular motion avoiding the eye area
·           Rinse with water
·           Use every other day for maximum results

Price and Points of Purchase

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Facial Scrub is affordably priced at Php70 for a 50g tube while a 100g  tube retails for Php120.

Available at leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

The bloggers who attended the event got to experience one of their whitening services. Before I was treated, of course, I had a snack first with my sister. The food was so delicious, I swear! Our favorite is the steak wrap. Super yummy! :)

Here are their Whitening Services:

The treatment that I had was the Relaxing and Brightening Facial which is indeed very relaxing. :)
Here's me before the treatment. I was saying goodbye to my super glammed up face because it was about to get naked. Hahaha!

Take a glimpse of the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa.

The place is small but it's very cozy inside. I like the place because it's very relaxing and the temperature inside is not tool cold, not too warm. The attendants are very friendly, too and I like that they really know what they are doing because as they do the procedure, they explain to the customers every step that they are doing. In the Relaxing and Brightening Facial, of course they will use the new Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Facial Scrub and I love it because it leaves your skin moisturized and fragrant. I will do a review about it very soon.

The bloggers received their own PR kits, too. Here's what we got:

These two vouchers are for two of you, my awesome readers! Please stay tuned on how to win. I'll post the giveaway VERY SOON! :)

Visit the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa at The Block SM North Edsa to experience one of their affordable services! :)

Stay awesome and accomplish your mission! :)